Goals and 1001 Days

I have always been a goal driven person.  I have also, even from a young age, been curious to learn and eager to seek self-improvement.  I remember as early as the second grade wanting to be not just the top of my class, but the first to achieve academic milestones.  I am motivated by the prospect of being told “well done.”

At the age of 17, a struggling math student, I met the graduation requirements with 4% to spare.  However, the next semester, I dropped an elective in order to take a remedial math class just to help me better understand the concepts.  It was purely elective; I had already met the graduation requirement. But I could not imagine leaving school and letting these concepts go un-mastered.  Thanks to this unpopular decision, I went on to college and graduate school excelling in math (due in large part to a teacher who truly understood how I needed to learn).

Now I am seeking a master’s degree in management, but my informal learning is truly my favorite.  Goal achievement is still something I strive for, personally, professionally and academically.  Which was why I was excited to sign up for the Day Zero Project’s 101 Things in 1001 Days goal project.  Throughout a variety of subcategories, I have goals from fitness achievements to reading centuries-old books.  I also think it’s important for us all to make time to do the fun things that we put off due to lack of time or money.  I have goals of attending an NFL game, visiting new cities, and taking in some local theater.

I get a tremendous sense of not just satisfaction but also vitality by checking things off of my list.  I have seen other friends inspired to do this, and they find that same sense of satisfaction because they are actively pursuing the things that are important to them.  The key is to never get so tired of life that you quit learning.  Don’t get stuck in a rut because you failed to try new things.  Make a list (they say successful people make lists!) and identify what is important to you, what you are truly passionate about, and pursue them!  Pursue them like life is short and we only get one chance to experience everything and make a difference in this world!

Life is short.  Make it everything that you dream you want it to be.


  1. So excited for all the 101 things fun and the goals we share together and to look back in Dec 2019 and see how many things we've completed! You are always such an inspiration! Thank you for getting me into the 101 things and into blogging! "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader" ~ John Quincy Adams.


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