My Favorite Things

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…” is a line from Oscar Hammerstein’s famous song in The Sound of Music.  This song got stuck in my head a few days ago and I bought the download on my phone and have played it dozens of times ever since.

I remember the first time I ever watched The Sound of Music.  I had gone to visit my grandmother one summer – an excursion for which I always had mixed feelings.  My grandmother was not very grandmotherly, but she lived in a beautiful area off of a lake, and always had the most delicious jams and jellies on the breakfast table every morning.  I am frequently persuaded with jam.

I watched a lot of movies that summer, which must have been in 1992 or so, movies that have now become favorites that I love to watch and laugh at over and over again.  Overboard, Captain Ron, She Devil, and Death Becomes Her were all introduced to me from my grandma’s collection.  I learned to play Canasta while eating cherries and watching these movies.  But no better movie could I have discovered than The Sound of Music!

As Martin Crane says on Frasier in reference to The Sound of Music: “the nuns…those kids…that lonely goatherd!”  It is a movie for the ages!  And when Julie Andrews teaches the children about her favorite things, well, I am not sure there is a more heartwarming moment than that!

The song is not wrong.  “I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad!” she sings.  In short, feeling thankful for the things we enjoy.  I am cheerful just listening to the song, and then thinking about my own favorite things.

I love the afternoon light catching on the yellow walls of my living room when I get home from work each day.  I love the shriek of my puppies when they realize it is me and that I have come back for them!  I love the thrill I get when I read a few perfect lines of poetry.   I love the thoughtfulness of my husband.  I love getting packages from my friends in the mail!  I love unwrapping the foil from a piece of Dove chocolate!  I love clean sheets night in my bed, a job well done on a project and time spent with the people that I love.

Like most other things, thankfulness is a choice.  We can focus on everything we are lacking, or we can focus on all that we have and enjoy.  Our attitude and perspective shape us, and other people see it, too.  I absolutely love the energy and joy I see in my thankful friends, it makes me want to be around them more often.  It uplifts me, and then I have yet another thing to be thankful for!  There are some things in this life we simply have no control over, but we can choose to be thankful, and that can put so many other things into perspective.  I want people to say of me, “She is a thankful person.”

Another thing I love is jam!


  1. SO TRUE that thankfulness is a choice! So many things in life are a choice, but that isn't always an easy thing. It takes a lot of strength of character to be thankful through adversity, to be gracious in defeat and to be kind in the face of rudeness or prejudice. I think the best way to change this in the world is to lead by example - which you do so well!


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