My Fitbit-versary!

Today is my 3 year Fitbit anniversary!

It’s funny to think now how I hesitated over buying one in the first place.  Did I really need a Fitbit?  Wasn’t I already pretty sure how active I was?  Will I even wear it all the time?  But then I finally coughed up the $100 to get the original Fitbit Flex.  Once it arrived, I have never been without a Fitbit since!

It wasn’t long before I upgraded to a Charge, and then to a Surge, and then bought the Blaze that I still wear today.  I can tell you my step count and sleep quality for every day in the past 3 years.  I learned quickly how active I wasn’t.  Thinking that because I regularly exercise meant I am overly active, I soon realized I didn’t just automatically hit 10,000 steps each day.  Often, it required a little extra effort to ensure the step goal was met.

Then they added the challenges.  I recall early days in a Workweek Hustle challenge with friends and coworkers how I would spend my Friday nights listening to an audio book while I paced around my house or neighborhood, trying to beat everyone else in the challenge.  The challenges are one of the best features Fitbit has, because whether you’re super competitive like I am, or just in it for a good time, it pushes you to give that little bit extra.

Here I am, 3 years later, and now my daily step goal is 15,000.  Last year, after inexplicably putting on a lot of weight, I started using Fitbit to track my food intake as well, a tool within the app that I had never used.  I lost 30lbs in 20 weeks doing that, and have kept the weight off for an additional 22 weeks so far.  I have logged everything I have eaten for the last 42 weeks.  Between the app tracking my intake and the Fitbit device tracking my calorie burn, I can ensure that I am staying in the appropriate deficit every day.

Fitbit has certainly changed my life.  I am more active, I am healthier and I currently weigh less than I did in my early twenties.  Surprisingly, Fitbit has helped me learn to sleep better as well.  I went from taking over 30 minutes to fall asleep at night to less than 5.  Fitbit also keeps me accountable to drinking the amount of water I need to every day.

As Sir Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge itself is power.”  Fitbit gives us the tools to have the knowledge to hold ourselves accountable and make wise choices.  It won’t work for people that aren’t willing to put the effort into using all of the tools the device offers, but I went in with my fair share of misconceptions and stubborn pride, and yet I learned to humble myself a little, make some changes and be successful with it.  I would recommend this tool to everyone!

Fitbit has not just given me the knowledge, it has empowered me!


  1. You kick my ass in the challenges every week and every weekend, but you always celebrate my achievements and encourage me and help me to see the empowering abilities of this awesome tool!


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