A Night to Remember

I grew up listening to Neil Diamond.  In fact, probably since I was an infant that music has been familiar to me.  He must have the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard, and his poetic style is no doubt part of what influenced me to begin writing poetry myself.  Listening to “September Morn” or “Play Me” just make my entire poetic spidey senses tingle.

“Forever in Blue Jeans” has long been one of my favorite songs as well, and often once I begin, it plays on repeat over and over again.  Between his voice and the lyrics, it just fulfills everything that I believe music should be.

I had purchased tickets earlier this year for a night to see Neil Diamond in concert, now celebrating his 50th-anniversary tour.  He is now 76 years old, and I didn’t want to miss my chance.  I paid a hefty sum to get a seat in the nosebleed section, but couldn’t have been more excited than to be in the same arena as Neil Diamond!

Arriving at the venue early, my mom and sister and I began doing laps around the top level of the stadium, trying to hit our Fitbit step goals before we had to sit down.  As time went on, there were more and more people milling around, and I noticed we kept seeing the same man standing off to the side but took very little notice of him.

Finally, he approached us, and looked at me and said, “First of all, I love your Green Bay Packers shirt, it’s great.”  I had to laugh because normally I only ever take abuse for wearing that shirt.  But I fully expected that his next words would be that our pacing around was disruptive or unsettling and we had to take our seats.  What he said instead I still can hardly believe!

He told us he was with Neil Diamond’s team, and asked if we wanted better seats.  Of course, we did, but even the seats we had were very expensive.  He then whipped out three tickets and said, “These are floor seats if you are interested.” 

Not only were they floor seats, they were right in the center, and less than 15 rows away from the stage.  We were going to see Neil Diamond, up close and personal!

When Neil Diamond finally took the stage, we could see his facial expressions, that is how close we were.  And even though he is not as young as he used to be, his voice was powerful and strong and just as amazing as you would expect.  He played for over two hours straight, with no intermission.  And he hit on every single song we wanted to hear – except “September Morn” but I guess you can’t win everything in one evening!  I danced through many of the songs and me and my sister had a riot belting out some of our favorites.  His band was amazing as well, just what you would expect from a performance of that level and his female backup singers were fabulous!!

He was a true class act; he was gracious and put on an amazing show, with a three song encore.  And what a tremendous blessing that man took notice of us and upgraded our seats.  It was a night we will never forget!