Apps and Ads and Push Notifications, Oh My!

I read this article yesterday as I was scanning through my Google cards, and I couldn’t agree more!

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that my phone seemed to be alerting me to a lot of things I don’t care about.  New e-books for sale on Kindle that I am not interested in, new products on Amazon that I have never searched for, new music I don’t care about, and more.  And this is without any social media apps on my phone!

I finally figured out how to turn most of them off.  I prefer when my phone is quiet.

I tend not to ignore text messages.  Most of my texts come from family members and while most of it is our normal hilarious jibber jabber, I like to make sure I am available to stay in tune with them if I am needed.  Most of my friends message me on a separate app that I always keep silent.  And I am overjoyed if my phone goes a week without ever ringing (even though I have the wonderful Toccata and Fugue in D minor as my ring tone!).

What this article says is true.  The person who wants you checking your phone even more than you do are all of the services that want to sell you something.  Amazon wants you on their app because then you’re likely to buy something.  Same with most every other app; my understanding is that now even Facebook and Instagram are very ad heavy.

I hate ads.  I would always rather pay for a service than see ads.  It is part of why I canceled my cable.  I am sick of spending 9 out of every 30 minutes watching an ad.  I prefer watching a 22-minute episode of any show uninterrupted.  Same with websites I use.  I play Pogo games with a friend and love my paid Club subscription to avoid seeing any ads.

We let ads pervade our lives.  I remember in economics in high school, they talked about how many ads the average person sees in a day.  It was staggering!  And that was a long time ago.  Now, we see even more.  On the sides of the roads, on the radio, every website we visit, on all of our apps, during our television shows.  I have had enough!

Some things we simply cannot control.  But I am with the guy in this article.  I will quiet them in my life so far as I am able by disabling the push notifications.  By keeping cable advertising out of my home.  Every time we turn around someone is trying to sell us something.  Well, as Steve Martin declares in Father of the Bride, “George Banks is saying no!”