CNN Original Series: The Seventies

Continuing with the CNN Original Series, I just completed The Seventies on Netflix this week.  Again, a very well done series with hours of original footage and commentary.  Based on my opinions of both The Sixties and The Seventies I am excited to move on to The Eighties!

I know many people, my mom included, who speak about the seventies as the decade to be alive.  My mom came of age during that decade and I have heard many stories.  So I fully expected the series to be more fun and upbeat than it was.

The Seventies depicts the ushering in of the age of terrorism, serial killers and the difficult end of the Vietnam War, with vets returning home to a culture entirely different from when they left.  The series highlights the development of several cults from that decade and their tragic conclusions, as well as the notorious Charles Manson murders.

On a less grim note was the progression of the women’s movement, but even that was rife with conflict.  Also, as a woman who very adamantly supports and defends liberty for women and all people, I can appreciate the movement but object to the attitude about some of it and the tactics used.  It was a tumultuous time.

The series ended with a look at the music of the decade, which was punctuated by the inception of punk and disco music as well as the birth of hip hop music.  It was a little disappointing that Elvis Presley was not mentioned in either series.

Perhaps there was more to the seventies than could be depicted in this series.  Perhaps there was something about it that you simply had to be there for to understand.  This series has clouded my perception of it now, and in a hideous caricature of the decade, I can imagine a scenario where Ted Bundy and Charles Manson are dancing to the Bee Gees.  It’s frightening!  However, the series is well done and informative and I would definitely recommend it as well.


  1. I think this might be the only time anyone has said they were excited for the Eighty's LOL


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