Make Monday Great Again!

Mondays.  Small talk at work on Monday always begins with, “Oh, Monday again!”  We dread Monday, we make jokes about Monday, and we always can’t wait for Monday to be over.

I am here to defend the reputation of Monday.  I don’t hate it.  Monday is a fresh start of a new week.  Much like New Year’s Day and birthdays, Mondays are a day that people sometimes choose to make a change or a fresh start.  Monday is a beginning!  Monday, at least for part of the year, is also the day for Monday Night Football!  There are great reasons to love Monday.

I don’t dislike waking up early on Monday any more than I do on other days.  For me, Monday is a new start of a new school week, new sets of assignments, new things to be learned (and conversely, a close on the assignments of the previous week, and sometimes with a sigh of relief!).  I also tend to be better rested on Mondays due to the weekend.  If anything, Tuesday is worse because my weekend energy is running out!

It’s funny that Monday happens just as often as Friday, and yet it seems to come more often and more quickly.  But that just proves how powerful attitude and perspective are, because it’s totally in our own heads.  If we could harness that energy to make Monday better, it would be.

Monday is also 1/7th of our lives.  That means most of us wish away 14% of our lives when we say stuff like, “I wish Monday would just be over already.”  No!  Use that 14% to make life better!

I am here to say that going forward, I will have a better attitude about Monday.  That is this week’s Monday resolution.  To enjoy it, to squeeze every drop out of that 14% of my week and my life. 

Maybe I’ll schedule a recurring pastime for Mondays only just to give me something to look forward to.  Maybe I can use it to check #80 off of my Day Zero Project list, and “start a new tradition” that I do on Mondays.  Whatever it takes to resuscitate the beauty of Monday and make the most of it in my life!

Happy Monday to you all!


  1. I agree! My only problem with Monday's is when I've chosen to stay up too late on a Sunday night so waking up to the alarm Monday morning is a struggle - but that is my fault, not Monday's fault!


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