CNN Original Series: The Eighties

I have completed the CNN Original Series: The Eighties and now I eagerly await for The Nineties to hit Netflix!  I marched around my living room for most of it, trying to hit my step goal while watching – two birds, as they say!

I was a child during the eighties, so it was pretty appalling to me and my husband how little I knew about any of the music or TV!  I loved the segment on M*A*S*H, which is easily in my top three favorite TV series of all time.  M*A*S*H ended in the early part of the decade and was one of the first long running series to end – especially as emotionally as it did.  Many of the other TV shows I had never heard of, so it was quite educational to me!

The music segment was similar.  My husband is a big fan of 80s music, so he was getting excited, “remember that song?!”  No, I don’t.  I have no idea what I was doing in the eighties, but it clearly wasn’t sitting in front of the TV!

They touched on the early careers of many huge celebrities that are now gone: Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston and David Bowie.  They also focused on others that are still out there in full force, like Madonna Bon Jovi.

The wedding between Prince Charles and Diana Spencer was captured and remembered for the huge television moment that it was.

Much of the series also focused on Ronald Reagan and his presidency, which provided a lot of backseat commentary from me and my husband.  From the Iran-Contra scandal to the invasion of Grenada, it covered a lot of detail.  I also had a chuckle looking back on the Supreme Court appointments he made; it made me reflect on the heckling I received for supporting a third party candidate during an election year when open seats were a big deal.  I wish I had remembered that before the election!

The best part of the series was the technology boom of the eighties!  They discussed early video gaming and robotics, and demonstrated people using enormous cell phones!  One man had to basically carry his in a backpack.  But they had footage of a man asking some interesting questions at the end of the segment, about the impact on society when we become dependent on technology, and what it does to us socially and economically, and if those are even directions that we should be moving towards.  Thirty years later, those questions were so significant.

Despite the fact that I watched it and could hardly believe I was alive during that time because I remembered so little, it was a great series once again!


  1. "I have no idea what I was doing in the eighties, but it clearly wasn’t sitting in front of the TV!" you were too busy being outside playing and being a KID lol

    1. True! Although my husband apparently watched quite a bit of TV back then. LOL!


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