Every Life Story

I remember reading somewhere that everyone has a story to tell; some people just want to tell it more than others.  I am often reminded of this when I talk to a lady I know.  She dearly loves to talk about her life story.  In her eyes, her life has been a fairy tale adventure filled with romance, good lessons and the best fun times you can imagine.

I am so pleased for her that her life has been so rewarding for her.  She doesn’t think anything could compete with the life she has had or the way she’s raised her children or the world she has built around herself.  I personally have not found even one story she has told me even marginally interesting, but I let her tell me a story now and then because it makes her happy to do so and it’s a small thing to do for someone else to make their day.

But it makes me think of all of the people I see every day, and how every one of them has a story, and some of them very interesting.  Most people, regardless of their age, have a good tale to tell.  The problem with the aforementioned lady is not that she tells her story, but that she is so interested in her own that she doesn’t care about anyone else’s.  Which is a shame, we should be just as willing to hear a story as tell one.

When any of us struggles for inspiration, whether it is to write something or achieve something, it is easy to look around at the many life stories that surround us.  Even the quietest and most unassuming people around us are just closed book characters, they still have a story.

We all only get our own one life to experience the world with, and that is why reading books is such a great pastime.  When we read, we get to experience a story outside of our own, one we may never have the chance to experience ourselves.  Sometimes the stories are told in the past and we cannot go back, but we can still experience the story through the book itself.  I recently listened to the audiobook of Khaled Hosseini And the Mountains Echoed and it was a series of interwoven stories, past and present, full of many great characters and their perspectives.  It gave me a peek into other experiences I have never had myself.

People are the same, living stories we can interact with and learn from and gain a new perspective from.  We should share our stories, and we should feel happy and grateful when others are willing to share their stories with us.  Even if it occasionally means sucking it up and listening to someone who has stories that don’t interest you.  


  1. "the quietest and most unassuming people around us are just closed book characters" we are all just characters in this novel of life!


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