Friendship Day

Ordinarily, I don’t post on Sunday, but because today is Friendship Day, I wanted to make an exception.

I am literally on the borderline of the Myers Briggs personality assessment between an introvert and an extrovert.  I am not a social butterfly, but I am not a total recluse either.  And I have been fortunate to have maintained some very long standing friendships over several decades, as well as find some kindred spirits more recently along the way.

I would have to say that above all else, my sisters are my best friends.  I am unusually close to both of my sisters; we see each other very regularly and share many of the same interests.  I can usually count on at least one of them to be enthusiastic to try something new with me. 

In addition, I have been blessed to have several friendships grow and blossom from our pre-teen years until now, and despite growing apart in some ways, we share a certain bond that keeps us together.  This is helped by the fact that these girls are hilarious fun to be around, and growing up didn’t change that in them at all!

I had few friends in high school, but the girls that I befriended then are women I am still friends with today.  I have found it a relief that there are some people out there who know me well enough that no explanation is needed.  We can just be, and that is so refreshing!  One of those friends has been highly inspirational in getting me back into non-academic writing this year, for which I am so grateful!

I have made a few good friends in my adventures through adulthood as well.  I have met a few kindred spirits, those who share my passion for history or fitness or sports and through that we built a bond.  Those are the friendships that make day to day life special.

I would like to especially recognize my friend JB, who has been there for me through my saddest and hardest days and also through my happiest times.  We met when we were sixteen and in the years since she has blessed my life with many embarrassing remembrances of our youth; old notes she saved from me that she now reads to me over a voicemail to call me back to earth if I ever start to forget how ridiculous I am!  She has made the trip to see me many times; packing along with her my favorite treats.  While I am sure I annoy her to death some days, she loves me as I am.  She leaves me to my own inspirations of self-improvement and encourages me, but loves me even if I fail.  She is one of those friends who I can really let my hair down with.  She loves my family and is friendly with my sister and my husband outside of my influence, and I love that she just fits in with us.

So, while on this day I am thankful for all of my friendships, I am especially missing my dear friend JB today!

Friendship is always something to celebrate.  The people we have in our lives that help us carry our burdens, make us laugh, and who help make us better people deserve our recognition and thanks.  I have been blessed to have wonderful people in my life who admire and who I am blessed to have in my life and it is my pleasure to reflect on all of that today!


  1. So sweet! And I didn't even know it was Friendship Day on Sunday...I am a bad friend! LOL <3


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