My First Royalty Payment

Last week I got the first royalty payment for the Kindle version of my poetry book.  Even though the amount was small, it was a thrilling experience to me to be paid for my own creative work.

I bought my first book of poetry when I was maybe 11 years old.  I bought it from a small used book store that had just opened up at the end of my street.  It was called Five Courtier Poets of the English Renaissance and it was pretty heavy stuff for a child.  The book store owner tried to talk me out of buying it, but I fell in love with it.  And I went back there and told him so!

Between reading poetry and growing up listening to music like Neil Diamond, Gordon Lightfoot and Simon & Garfunkle, I became drawn to the poetic form.  I started scribbling lines of poetry and then by the age of 12 was diligently writing them and keeping them in a Word document.

My dad was always my biggest fan when it came to writing.  He always supported me, and was so straightforward about believing I had a gift that he would say, "You are wasting your life if you don't write."  Often, for occasions such as Father's Day or his birthday, I would present my dad with a poem.

My dad passed away and I have been fortunate that I have been able to turn to writing as my therapy.  Even when I am not writing about how I feel, I am writing and that was always something he encouraged me to do.  He would be so proud of my small royalty payment.

I published my own book of poetry partly due to the inspiration from a friend of mine, but also knowing in the back of my mind there was no better way to remember my dad than to publish my work. 

I have been writing with great passion over the last two months.  Aside from this blog, which I enjoy writing immensely, I have written nearly forty pieces of new poetry.  It has been a hopeful and uplifting experience for me.  I know my dad would be proud of me, and the rest of my family is as well, and that is a happy feeling.

I look forward to publishing my second book of poetry in the not too distant future.  It will be a representation of my faith and the hope I have in all of the things around me, and a conscious reminder of the encouragement my parents gave me.

I took my husband out for frozen custard to celebrate my first payment - nothing has ever tasted sweeter than that!


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