Texting and Driving

It’s funny to me how we can get behind the wheel of a 3000-4000 pound vehicle on roadways that separate us by nothing more than a painted line, and assume this is a good time to multitask!

It is troubling to look over and see someone shaving or putting on makeup.  Worst of all, watching people engrossed in their cell phones, and not just at stop lights but while driving 45mph down the road.

I think it’s fair to take some offense to this.  Whatever they are reading or replying to takes priority over the condition of my car, their car, and both of our lives.  It must, or they would put the phone down and deal with it later. 

How many ads do we have to see about the fatal car accident that was immediately preceded by a text message?  How much common sense do people lack as a whole that they even have to be told not to let this happen to them?

As a Libertarian, I am opposed to any legislation to fix this.  Moreover, legislation does not work.  I drive through several municipalities each morning on my commute to work, all of which have ordinances in place that criminalize cell phone use while driving.  But all that seems to do is provide a happy little cash cow to the cities because they pull people over and ticket them but no one ever seems to stop doing it.  Every day, I see dozens of men and women driving while using their cell phones.

It is just stunning and disappointing how people prioritize, and how little regard they have for their own safety or that of anyone else.  Why should any government have to tell you something you should already know better about simply because you’re an adult and it should be obvious?

It's common sense, but that seems to be a misnomer these days.  You have people who hit snooze so many times in the morning that they are shaving on their way to work instead of taking care of that before they leave the house.  Sometimes I just have to shake my head and say, “what in tarnation?!”

No text message, Instagram post and nothing on your Facebook newsfeed are worth looking at while you’re driving.  It’s not worth a ticket, and it’s certainly not worth injuring or killing someone over.  Put the damn phone down and focus on what you’re doing while you’re flying past me on the road.


  1. 100% AGREED! It terrifies me when I'm driving and see people on their phones. I feel like the biggest reason this happens is that so many people are so conditioned by their phones. They have a Pavlovian response to the "ding" of their cell phone and they literally can not resist picking it up to see what it is. Simple solution folks - put your phone on silent and turn the vibrate off while your driving! Also, while you're at work! Daily I hear people's cell phones go off in my office and it is not professional. My cell is on silent 95% of the time and I check it whenever I have free time to kill. I have never checked my phone whilst driving or at a light and I have never had it interrupt a business meeting. Simple solution that so many people refuse to do.


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