The Eclipse

Today millions of Americans will witness a total eclipse if they live in the right areas, and the rest of us will witness a partial eclipse.  This is a historic occasion, as it has been a very long time since a total eclipse occurred over North America.

As a current events junkie and a partaker in all fun and historical events, I am looking forward to participating in this.  Not only the eclipse itself but also in witnessing the reactions of other people to it.  Nothing amuses me more than observing other people when they are unguarded.

But while this event will no doubt be a spectacular reminder of the workings of the universe, these events are not the things that people will talk about over dinner on Sunday night.  There was an eclipse when I was in elementary school, and I cannot remember if I have ever discussed that over family dinner.

The things I discuss are less cosmic but more personal.  Sunday dinners often consist of the funny stories that occurred at my wedding or the weddings of my siblings, recalling the best and worst days we ever had at work, memories of the funniest moments where we laughed until we cried and on and on.

Everyday memorable and miraculous events occur that are never covered by the news or trending on social media.  These are the moments that truly make a difference.  I will live through an eclipse today, but for millions of people, that won't be the story they tell around the dinner table after work.  They will talk about the family member who had a baby today, someone who got promoted or fired, the toddler who said her first word, or the little random act of kindness someone did for them today.

As a lover of conspiracy theories, history, and news, I look forward to seeing all of the pictures and hearing the stories about today.  But don't let today eclipse the real stories in your life - those are what is truly important!


  1. I remember the eclipse that happened when we were in Elementary school because they wouldn't let any of the kids watch and closed all the curtains on the windows for fear we'd go blind and our parents would sue to school HAHAHAHAHA


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