The Impractical Jokers

I always seem to catch on to my new favorite shows when they are already well-established and have a few seasons going.  It was this way for me with Frasier back in the nineties, which I probably started watching in season 3 or 4, and even with Downton Abbey, which got my attention in season 3.  So it also was with one of my other favorite addictions, the Impractical Jokers!

I can only blame the fact that I am not much of a TV person in general for the reason I didn’t catch onto the Impractical Jokers until last season.  Currently in its 6th season, I am now the proud owner of every season and Friday is my favorite day when the new episode from the night before releases to me on Amazon!

I love the whole premise of the show.  There is something so authentic about it.  They are four guys who are currently 40 years old but have been friends since high school.  They had a history of pranking each other (and the public) and this new take on a hidden camera show allows viewers to watch them embarrass themselves in always new and hilarious situations.

The interesting thing is that despite being hilarious pranksters, they are individually talented and intelligent people.  One worked in fire rescue for several years, one has a degree in accounting (and being that I am currently taking accounting in school, my hat is off to him!), one has a degree in finance, and the other is an English major who also works in television production!

My favorite skits they do are the focus groups.  One of the guys is the moderator and has written the answer for the other guy, who is a plant among the rest of the unsuspecting focus group members.  They have to read the answers they were given to the rest of the focus group, or lose.  They have known each other so long that they always know what buttons to push, and who won’t cross the line and how to get them!

Joe is my favorite.  He will do anything, has zero shame, and he can keep a straight face even in the most hilarious situations.  In his personal life, he is the only married Joker and has children, and has a soft spot for animal rescue.  Nothing is funnier than his face when he is trying to be creepy, his eyes are hysterical!

I saw them live last November and they were absolutely amazing, and it is on my Day Zero Project list to see them again and take my husband!

We all need a good laugh after a hard week, and I am excited to go home and have mine with a new Jokers episode!