Celebrating Another Year!

This week I will celebrate my eleven year anniversary with my husband!

We met nearly eighteen years ago online (when that was still a weird and somewhat creepy thing to do!), and in the years between then we have dated, been friends, had long distance communication, and after our marriage, many adventures as a couple.  We have had some wonderful times, and we have been with each other through our worst times, through illness, grief, and disappointment, and no one on this earth could possibly love me more than he does.

I am pretty sure when we first got married we had a different vision of what we expected life to be in our mid-thirties, but in every way that it has been unexpectedly different, I am so glad to have had him by my side.

He is a strong but compassionate person, someone who truly understands love.  He is thoughtful, funny and kind.  I have never met anyone that was more universally likable while at the same time holding firm to his convictions.  He is a positive leader, a hard worker and always good for a laugh - and I respect him tremendously!

My whole family is a supportive bunch, but my husband always has my back.  Even when we disagree.  We can debate on any topic and even if he thinks I am crazy, I always detect a small glimmer of admiration from him, that his crazy, feisty (his words) wife at least has an arsenal of research and conviction in her ideas.  I’ll never forget one of our most epic debates – on the topic of college football and the NCAA!  We are both strongly opinionated people!

But one thing we don’t argue about is that we are going to make it through whatever life throws at us, and we are going to do it together.  We don’t always have the answers – in fact, I’m going to say that we often don’t – but we trust in God together to lead us and help bring us into one accord.

As we begin another year together, we have many hopes about the possible direction that we will head in, and what that could mean for us.  Whether we find ourselves in the midst of the expected or the unknown, I am excited to find out where our adventure will lead us.


  1. Congrats!!

    And the football debate should be a post on its own! :)


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