Day Zero Project Update

When I first started my Day Zero Project list for 101 Things in 1001 Days, I never thought I would come up with 101 things.  Then, I ended up with 110 things!  As I have said before, some are smaller goals, and others are more like bigger overall dreams or visions for my life.  I like that it keeps me moving forward, and trying new things and keeps me from getting stuck in a rut of routine.

Last night, I checked another thing off the list as completed, which means I have completed 28 things now, for a total of 25%.  I am in progress on another 12.  I am excited to see how many I complete!

Last night, we tried another new restaurant.  It was a local pizza place and it was pretty good, and it completed the “try 10 new restaurants” item off of my list.  Between this and the “learn 10 new recipes” it will keep us from falling into eating the same things over and over again – which, honestly, I don’t really mind.  But it is nice to add new things into the rotation.

I love connecting with people who have a list.  I love stealing ideas from theirs and making them my own, trying things I have never even thought about!  In the process of creating my own list, I came across quite a few other writers and entrepreneurs who had these amazing lists with ambitious SMART goals.  I wanted my list to incorporate things that included getting me to go new places and try new things, achieve goals with a metric attached, and a few that are a completion of a major project.

Some of the things I am currently in progress are pretty cool!  I am mid-way through “complete one half-marathon every month for a year.”  I have completed 6 months in a row, and love the confidence that it’s giving me!  Earlier this summer I completed the 500 Mile Challenge and then began a 1000 mile challenge, which I must complete before July of next year, and I am doing well so far on that.  I am also in the process of reading 25 new books, as well as listening to every audio book in my Audible collection that I had purchased but never listened to yet (there were 40 of those!).  Also, and one of my favorites, is a weekly date night with a long distance friend of mine playing card and Scrabble games on Pogo.  We aim to have a date night every week for one year, and I love the competition we have when we play Canasta!

Another one I am eager to complete is my master’s degree.  Just this week I started FIN500, and I am eager for my winter break and then to hit it hard beginning in January and knock this one off the list.  What a tremendous achievement for a girl who not too long ago was a scrambling immigrant, paying for tuition off of babysitting money at a local county college.  I never excepted then that I would one day have a graduate degree!

I love how this list keeps me thinking ahead and on track.  I would love to connect with anyone who also has a list, or encourage others to start one of their own!  It kind of puts a structure around the vision I have of my life and where I want to be headed. 

If you’re a Day Zero’er and you have a list, let me know so we can share ideas and encourage one another!


  1. Hope you do a post about the “learn 10 new recipes."

    And your determination is amazing! The in awe with the amount your accomplishing with your list. Hope "successful blogger" is on your list, because I think you can check that one off!

    1. I do have some stuff on there about my blog, but so far I am not coming close. But thanks to the encouragement like this, I will definitely stick with it! Thank you!!


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