My Mission Statement as a Writer

I believe strongly in mission statements. Good organizations have them, and productive people have them, too. Mission statements keep people on track. I remember a sermon I listened to recently where the pastor talked about someone who was so fired up with great ideas, but because he lacked a mission or focus on what specifically he was trying to do, he was totally unproductive. He had the passion and the brain power, but without a focal point, he achieved nothing.

Even in my quest for health and fitness, I have a mission: to incrementally and continuously improve my health. It is not to get six-pack abs, or to run an 8-minute mile, or to have the perfect body. It is to be healthy. Taking my family history into account and the genetic conditions I am predisposed to, coupled with my inherent enjoyment of being active and fit, I aim to be healthy. If in the process I become faster or someday end up buff, that's awesome. But it is not my goal. And because I stick to trying to be healthy, I do see improvement in that all the time. And I don't get as easily discouraged when I don't start looking a certain way, because it wasn't my goal. It doesn't make me give up.

So it is as a writer. I read a lot of different stuff from blogs to books, and in those readings I am trying to be informed or deeply educated, and sometimes I am reading to be persuaded, and sometimes I am reading to be entertained. All of the writers I read have a clear purpose of what they are trying to do with their writing – and it keeps them focused and it keeps their reader more engaged.

My mission statement as a writer is this: to encourage, uplift and empower. Those are the things I hope my writing achieves, whether it is my prose or poetry. Sometimes it is through humor or amusement, sometimes it is informational in nature (such as how I share with people that I have used my Fitbit to empower me in my health goals), and sometimes it is truly just sharing stories in the hope people see themselves in them. It keeps me on track.

I am well informed about what is going on in the world. It is important to me that I am educated on current events and know what is going on, and I am aware of the negativity. I think it is important because without knowing, you don't know where the needs are, and without that it's hard to know how to help anyone. And without it, you never see the bright side of human nature, and all of the good that people are doing.

But the more I see what is going on, the more I hope to encourage others. I want people to feel empowered to live fully and to make a difference where they can. I want people to live out their passions. It would be the ultimate fulfillment of my goal as a writer for someone to read my work and say, “You inspired me to do the thing I always dreamed of doing.”


  1. You know you inspire me every day because I tell you all the time lol. Often you inspire me just by being you and being in my life, but sometimes it's not just you being you that is inspiring, sometimes it's the things you write - so mission accomplished! :-)


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