My Online Retail Addiction

Back when I was in high school economics, I remember our teacher asking us one day if any of us had ever purchased anything online. When one student raised her hand, I had the inner monologue of Kevin on the Wonder Years in my head: “What an idiot!”

It was only a few years later that I took the plunge and ordered something online, and from eBay of all places! My first ever online purchase was a Willie Nelson doll! When it arrived safely and my transaction completed without any problems, I began to feel more confident.

I have always hated shopping. Clothes shopping, Christmas shopping, grocery shopping and worst of all, shoe shopping. But over the years, online retailers have solved all of these problems for me!

I first began with buying all my clothes online. Most places offer deals with free shipping and good return policies, so this simplified my life greatly!

Shoes were next, and nowadays since I mostly wear Dr. Scholl's shoes (and yes, they are actually cute), I have a one stop shop for shoes – shoes that don't destroy my feet and leave me unable to workout! I highly recommend!

Next, it became major electronics and household items. Amazon became a major factor in my life at this point. From books to bookshelves to my weight bench and rowing machine, I ordered everything on Amazon.

I was excited but a little apprehensive when Amazon announced their Prime app with one hour delivery in the metro area. I gave it a test run by ordering a 5lb bag of gummy bears to my sister at work – and sure enough, it arrived on time and just exactly as I expected!

It has only been recently that I ventured into Amazon Fresh. Up to now, I had ordered some groceries via the Prime app, such as cases of water, ice cream, and cereal, but I had never ordered baked goods or fresh items. So I placed an order of groceries identical to what I'd get at the store. My meat, vegetables, bread, condiments, beverages, ice cream, etc., all arrived in perfect packaging, chilled and in good condition. I would venture to say the tomatoes I got were even nicer than the last ones I got at Kroger.

So, now I have been totally enabled to never have to go out into the world to shop ever again. I know I have become part of the problem, but I am addicted to online retail. I love being able to order my groceries online and then set to cleaning my house and have them arrive when I am finished. It makes me feel twice as productive as before!

To think this all began with a Willie Nelson doll....


  1. If we had the delivery options here that you do, I would 100% do the same thing! I keep hoping one day we'll be able to get that kind of to your door service!


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