Pre-Ordered: My New Fitbit Ionic

Last week, I pre-ordered the upcoming Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit’s first official take on a smart watch.  I am very excited!

I am not hung up on the smart watch thing, it is not crucial to me that a watch be able to do everything my phone can do.  For all of that, I still prefer using my laptop over my phone.  The new onboard features of the Fitbit Ionic seem very cool.  You can load your music to it, and sync your Bluetooth headphones to the Fitbit itself.  With its onboard GPS, these combined features will allow for not needing a phone at all during a fitness event and that is exciting!

The coolest thing about the Ionic, at least based on what we have been able to see so far, are the new sensors that more accurately help detect not only heart rate but blood oxygen levels.  I love that Fitbit is still mostly focused on improving health and fitness rather than being just a smart watch.  As I have written about before, Fitbit has empowered me to change my life in significant and positive ways.  I am glad to see they are sticking with the stuff that made me successful using their current line of devices.

Fitbit’s new device is also water resistant and can track swimming as a fitness activity.  Reviews I have read show that the device will fit more securely to the arm and therefore the tracking of activity will be more accurate.  I can’t wait to see!

The new Fitbit will also allow for the contactless payment, which should please all of those who love that sort of stuff!

There are still a lot of unknowns about the apps that will be available, but there are definitely going to be apps for things like Pandora, the weather, and Starbucks.  It is also rebranding its current Fitstar program for the current devices and will offer Coach instead, which will have on screen demonstrations.

I have read complaints about the square look of the watch, but I prefer that.  Once again, Fitbit is sticking to what it has done well in the past and keeping to its image.  I have always preferred squared off designs, and even though it’s a large screened device, the new Fitbit looks fairly stylish (not that I am an expert in that field!).

I cannot wait for my new Fitbit to arrive, and I am excited to see where their new device takes me on my own personal fitness journey!


  1. So excited to get mine too and discover all the new features and apps for myself! I also really like that they have stayed focused on health and fitness and didn't just put out a smart watch because I don't personally care about the smart watch features, it's the health and fitness ones I'm excited about!


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