The Time Will Pass Anyway

“Never give up on a dream just because of the length of time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” - H. Jackson Brown

I was sitting here tonight flipping through my Life's Little Instruction Book, smiling about all of the good advice in it, and then I read this. It reminded me of my husband.

I finished my bachelor's degree – finally – in 2015 after many, many years of waiting for the time and money to be able to do it. When I was done, I started speculating about getting my master's degree, but kept saying, “but I'll be over 35 before I ever finally get out of school!”

My husband said, “You'll be 35 with or without a master's degree. So what do you want?”

I love how much sense he makes!

So here I am, more than half way done my master's degree, and very grateful that I took his advice. While I am sick to death of being in school, as I have been a student now for 6 years in a row, I can see the end and once I am done, it will be over and my goal will be achieved. In fact, I am just completing an accounting class I was very nervous about but have done very well in, and I feel like I have my second wind to push me through to the end of my program.

But I can remember other times where I have decided against pursuing something I wanted to do because of the length of time it would take, only now realizing that had I started then, I would long be done by now.

You hear that about fitness a lot. That if we stopped waiting for the next Monday, or birthday or New Year's or “until after Thanksgiving is over” that people would be well on their way to achieving their goals. New Years? You could be well on your way to a new person by New Year's if you started today! The saying is definitely true.

That is my favorite part of the Day Zero Project and the 101 goal list, which I have written about before. 1001 days is 2.7 years. When I created my list, I knew some of those goals might take a while, and that's okay. The 1001 days will pass whether or not I do them, so I might as well at least try. I would absolutely encourage everyone to make a list and aim to do the things that give you purpose. Whether it's learning new skills, traveling, completing projects or just making the time to try new things in your area, it's a great way to keep yourself on track to making those personal achievements.

Next year I can check off “complete my master's degree” and what a happy day that will be!