Boss's Day

A head’s up to everyone reading this, next Monday, October 16th, is Boss’s Day!

I have had numerous different bosses over the years, and I have worked hard in myself to not allow the quality of my boss to impact my day or my personal life.  But there is no question, a great boss is hard to come by and makes a big difference!

I had a great pleasure once several years ago to have an interim manager who, despite his short tenure supporting our team, made a great impact on me.  He was empowering, he had a great philosophy on sharing knowledge, and he was incredibly supportive.  Even after he left, I would think to myself, “what would he suggest in this situation?”  And I could imagine him leading me with questions to the resolution.  I have never had another boss who combined data analysis and inspired leadership so well.

I’ve talked before about how having terrible bosses have been great learning experiences for me.  I have developed my own personal leadership style by emulating the things I have learned that are good and steering clear of the disastrous things I have seen.  I have learned to be patient, to have compassion, to build trust, to empower others and develop people, among other things, by observing the examples of other leaders and searching within myself for my own authentic style of leadership.

My husband has been voted best and funniest manager in his workplace and has a great way of connecting with his team and with people in general.  He is a very authentic guy, supportive and a good listener, and stands by his team no matter what.  This is not something he learned in school, but rather just by being someone who is true to himself and committed to doing the right thing.

We don’t always have the boss we would love, but if you have a boss that you appreciate, Monday is the day!


  1. I unfortunately must decline from celebrating this day. Not that I have a bad boss, but just not celebrate worthy! LOL


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