Change on the Horizon

I have always embraced change. I find change refreshing, and yes, sometimes a little intimidating. But I don't like to let the cobwebs of routine grow all over me if I can help it.

I am now embracing a new change with my job, and I am so excited about it!

It is something totally new for me, and while my past experiences will surely be an asset, it will be all new territory. All new people, and all new opportunities. I am so excited to take on this challenge!

I feel like I am going somewhere that I will be needed, and I like that feeling. I want to be able to offer my talents and abilities to a place in need and I find that most energizing of all. I wake up a little better in the morning feeling like I could make a difference.

Of course, it is a major challenge to take on while in one of the hardest school terms I have faced (I am currently in Finance 500), but there is something to be said for learning to cope with a lot of change all at once. I feel like, in a few months time, I will be a stronger and more well-rounded person.

There is a risk, of course. I may hate it. The people may dislike me. I may regret making a move, and there's always a chance I'll actually fail at the job itself. But I am okay with all of these things. I need to learn something new, and I believe that the risk, in this case, will equal a reward (and that is a good financial concept!).

It's nice to go to a new place and take with you the confidence and experience you have gained, but with a chance to start over and apply the things you learned from mistakes and trial and error, and start off fresh. Of course, it won't take long to make new mistakes and for things to lose that newness, but we have to do these things from time to time so we don't get stagnant.

I also hope I leave behind me something good, something that will make it easier for the next person to follow. And I hope my team will miss me a little, after all, I did try to make that place fun!

Perhaps it is the blood of my sea-faring ancestors that causes me (and those in my immediate family also) to love change and adventure. We are a family that loves travel and new challenges! And while my first North American ancestor took it a little far – as far as we can tell he ran off to sea and died of something (maybe scurvy! ARRR!) - I hope I can make this change with excitement and without dying from a lack of nutrition!

I am eager to begin this new chapter of my life!


  1. So excited for this positive change in your life and to hear all about the new job once you get settled in!

  2. Congrats! Well written post!! From inspiration to some humor.

    But still not as good as the last post! ;)


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