Giving Feels Good

We received an email at work recently about the needs of some of our colleagues recently affected by natural disasters; from the fires in California to the hurricanes hitting our coasts, many of our employees have been displaced and found in need.

Our organization has set up a relief fund specifically to help our own and encouraged us that if each employee gave only $5, it could make a tremendous impact for these people.

In my department, we have a lady who is all in, whatever it is. She is engaged, she is fun, and she is always on board. She called me over last week because her security level on the computer won't allow her to access the web page to make a donation. So I brought her to my desk and got her all set up to do what she wanted.

As she navigated her way to the correct page, she was chatting about how important it is that we help one another. She talked about some negative feedback she had heard, someone saying, “I already gave and I'm not giving any more.” She was indignant. It is only $5, she said, and these are our own.

It struck me that this woman is within a year of retirement and feverishly saving to ensure she can afford to do it and that she is on the lower end of our pay grades. But she was smiling from ear to ear as she made her donation, which exceeded the asked for $5, and she said, “I will gladly forego this month's pedicure to help my coworkers. We can all afford to give up a meal out, or a salon appointment, or a luxury purchase, to help those in need.”

I was also struck by her smile. She smiled bigger in her giving than she would have smiled if I had brought her flowers, or given her a gift card. She is an exuberant, cheerful, caring woman, and for her, there was more pleasure in giving than receiving by far. She was joyful in wanting to make a difference, and she did. But not only in her donation, in my day as well. Seeing her, I felt refreshed by her passion.

Giving feels so good, and it made me glad that we have so many opportunities to do so.


  1. Need more people like her, and like you, in our world!


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