My Fitbit Ionic Review

I am pleased with my new Fitbit Ionic!

I had pre-ordered it back in August and received it on Friday last week, so I got to test it out all weekend, and I have to say it met my expectations!

First of all, it has a more comfortable fit than the Fitbit Blaze that I have been wearing for the past 18 months.  While similar in appearance, it has a slightly better way of fitting.  Not that I ever found my Blaze uncomfortable but this is an improvement!

The display is clear, and the menu options are easy to use.  With minimal effort, I was able to sync my Skull Candy Bluetooth headphones to the Ionic itself, and then using the Windows 10 app on my laptop, I was able to transfer about 5 hours’ worth of music directly to the Ionic itself, meaning I can work out with my music without need of my cell phone!

Part of my Day Zero Project is to complete one half-marathon a month for 12 consecutive months.  So, since I had been putting it off all of September, on Saturday morning I headed out to the park and got to give the onboard GPS a whirl.  This was something Fitbit had done well with on the Surge, but for some reason didn’t incorporate into the Blaze.  It was great having the GPS on the device itself. 

Before starting my workout, I turned on my headphones and it paired automatically to my Fitbit.  Then I started my music.  After this, I backed out of the music and started a “Run” under the exercise menu.  It automatically detected the GPS (which admittedly did take about a full minute to do) and then off I went.  My miles were mapped accurately, and the battery held up well. 

I also used my rowing machine, and it worked very well, no issues at all.  The Ionic has improved heart rate tracking, which I am curious to see over time if it changes my average very much (having recently been sick threw my heart rate chart way off!).

Despite being waterproof, I cannot bring myself to wear it in the shower.  However, it was a consolation when cleaning my house that water splashing onto the device was no big deal.  I have found in the past, though, that even my non-waterproof devices have done okay with a little water.  They are sturdy!

The sleep tracker worked normally and accurately on all 3 nights I have had it.  The fact that I got zero minutes of deep sleep last night is probably accurate – I am a light sleeper!

I did set up the notifications for texts and email to display on my Fitbit screen, but after 2 texts I decided that this was going to drive me insane and shut it off.  However, it was easy to do and worked perfectly.  I just don’t know why anyone wants to be that connected. 

The new Ionic has a much nicer charging method than all previous Fitbits and despite my excessive use of functions this weekend the battery life held up very well.  Overall, I am pleased with it.

I would advise others that this is still primarily a fitness watch.  Despite coming with apps like Starbucks and local weather, it is still primarily geared toward fitness.  I prefer this, as this is the reason I am wearing it.  It is my hourly encouragement to get up and get moving, it is my accountability partner in maintaining my weight, and it is my alarm clock to remind me to get up and get my booty in gear.  It is awesome that it can onboard the music and GPS and I expect those things will enhance my fitness experience.  But overall, those looking for it to be something other than a fitness smartwatch may be disappointed.  I, however, am thrilled!


  1. Great review!! Might have to start a Tech Blog! :)

  2. Mine should arrive today, I'm so excited!!!

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