My Germaphobia

I hate it when people come into my house without taking off their shoes. I know that for most people where I live this is a common thing, but I think it's disgusting. Think about where your shoes are in a day? They touch the floors of public bathrooms, they cross parking lots, maybe at a sporting event where drinks are spilled in the stands, they cross streets and they collect whatever dirt and debris are found in your workplace.

I think it's perfectly reasonable to not want all of that on my rug at home, where I put my clean bare feet, which then slide into my bed at night. Perfectly reasonable!

But I do know my obsession with cleanliness borders on being a disorder. When other people tell me they are germaphobes I just smile. Sure they are.

I have been lucky that my husband has conformed to my hygienic needs. Not only that, so have my dogs. As puppies, the very first behavior they learned was to come inside one at a time, lift their paws and allow me to wipe their feet with baby wipes. They all adapted to this very well, which shows my commitment to cleanliness, because none of them can roll over on command!

I have some strong feelings about germs coming into my home. For example, if I go out somewhere, such as work, and use a public bathroom (which thanks to my constant hydration I do numerous times a day), I will not use my own bathroom at home until I have showered. I am sure everyone can read between the lines when I say that I don't need to rubber stamp the germs from work right down onto my own toilets.

Girls are constantly preaching at me that we shouldn't wash our hair every day. Oh please. I wake up in the morning and work out and then shower before work. But I shower again as soon as I get home. Quick showers, five minutes. But I cannot be comfortable without!

When I watch TV shows and people sit on their beds in their street clothes I cringe. My bedroom, of all places, is my sanctuary. It's clean and fresh, with clean bedding and clean jammies. There are no shoes in my bedroom, and there are certainly no street worn clothes on my bed!

This applies only to my home, though. When I am out, I am amenable to adapting to my surroundings. If necessary, I will use a porta-potty at events. But when I come home, clothes go into the washing machine, and I go directly to my shower.

We all struggle with things, this is (one of) mine. And while I accept that others find me weird or excessive, I think they are the weird ones!  Perhaps this is why I find Niles Crane so incredibly endearing!


  1. You and Niles are like two sanitized peas in a hermetically sealed pod and I adore you both <3


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