The Friend of a Friend

People always make jokes about how great the Internet could have been but we’ve ruined its potential with memes and fake news.  And there’s no doubt, I’ve witnessed plenty of bad coming out of the Internet and social media.  But there are good things, too!

The best thing to ever come out of the Internet for me was, of course, my husband.  That is a story all its own.  But the Internet has given me other great relationships, too.  I met who I referred to as my “adopted grandfather” online, and through him we became friends with one another’s family, and even though he has since passed away, I try to stay in touch with them.  And some of my very best friends that I have met in the various places that I have lived are now people I communicate with primarily via the email.  One of the girls I went to high school with is one of those friends, and through her and the web, I have made another good friend who did a great thing for me this past spring!

My friend introduced us via Facebook a number of years ago, and we kind of just chit-chatted, but then it turned out we had a lot in common, especially our love of ESPN Pigskin Pick’ems!  Over the years, we have become good friends, mostly outside of the influence of our mutual friend and to this day we have yet to meet face to face.

My high school friend got married this spring, and I was unable to travel to attend her wedding; however, our mutual friend was her photographer and stood in my place to give a speech that I had composed for my friend and her new husband.

It was such a joy for me to watch the video of my high school friend listening to my words being read by someone we both knew, but whom I had never even met in person.  And what a gift it was to me that I was able to be included in a small way at her wedding, even though I couldn’t be there.

In some ways, I would still prefer to put pen to paper (or at least paper into a typewriter – which yes, I did learn to type on a typewriter!), and post letters to the mail with hand written notes.  But I am grateful for the way that I have been able to make new friends and participate in things like my friend’s wedding from far away.

And I am thankful for both of those friends, who encourage me everyday!


  1. It was so wonderful to have your heartspoken words there when you couldn't be there in person <3 it was also a big surprise! You hadn't let on at all and when he got up to the podium I thought he was going to say stuff about guests taking pictures or using flash or something photography related hahaha <3

    1. Yeah, photographers can be pretty crazy and strict sometimes!! LOL


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