The Impact of Encouragement

When I created my Day Zero Project list, I created a long health and fitness section.  One of the goals I included on my list was to complete a half marathon in under 2 hours and 55 minutes.

Prior to creating the list, I had three timed half marathons, one at 3:10, the second at 3:08 and the third at 2:57.  I am not a runner.  I like long, hard endurance walks, but even as of yet, I have never run a full mile in my life.  During half marathons, I attempt to run about 20% of every mile, but usually, by about mile 10 or 11, I am pooped and can no longer run!

After my third half marathon, when I finally got under that 3-hour mark, I was elated.  I was almost sick at the finish line, I was exhausted and wobbly, and I was jittery for quite a while after it was over.  So adding to my list a goal that would require me to do even better and work even harder seemed like a stretch to me.

I was just able to check this goal off of my list, and I am thrilled about it.  Not only because I actually finished in 2:51, but because I finished strong!  I was not sick, I was not wobbly.  After the race, we had a full mile walk back to the car, and I was totally fine with it.  After I got home and showered, I did some laundry and had no problem walking around.  I am less proud of my time than I am of how strong I felt after it was over.  I have come a long way in the last year.

I have to thank my sister in large part for this.  She is the one who coaches me along during races.  She tells me when to run and keeps me on pace.  She reminded me at the halfway point that my goal of 2:55 was still completely doable.  She doesn’t need to stick with me.  She can run the race by herself in a little over 2 hours, so really, coaching me holds her back.  But she helps me achieve my goals, and I appreciate that so much!

I have until December of 2019 to complete the goals on my Day Zero list, and I figured this would be one of the ones I would be stressing over in the final months trying to achieve.  But it is checked off and I am already wondering which goal I should push toward next!

I am thinking that next month I will set a PR on a 5k that I have scheduled!


  1. So proud of you for accomplishing this goal and doing it so well by pushing yourself this last year to condition and get stronger! And kudos to your sister for encouraging, supporting and being there for you through it (both in training and in the moment) having someone there to hold your hand and give you a kick in the pants at the same time makes a big difference! I'm glad she's there for you in that way and that you are there for me in that way! <3


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