Flashback Friday to MySpace!

Social media is such a misnomer to me because in having social media we often actually become less social. My observation, which seems to be backed up by people who actually study this, is that people who are immersed in social media forget to actually socialize in the moment with the people around them.

I have had social media in the past, beginning with something called Bolt way back in the late 90s, which I suppose would be considered social media now but I hadn't heard that term back then. Then we had MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, and on and on, and now people socialize without ever speaking to other people.

One thing I have noticed since abandoning my social media is that I actually have developed a deeper bond with my friends. We write emails, and I seek to actually spend time with people face to face, rather than just randomly “like” their photos online.

I have also heard really terrible and disturbing things, such as people posting perfectly normal pictures of their children to social media very innocently, and those photos then being used by sick individuals. The internet has done great things, but it has enabled some terrible things as well.

This is why we can't have nice things!

However, in the spirit of “Flashback Friday” and the funny things that came out of social media, I found one of those old MySpace styled “get to know you” surveys that we all used to do. Even though some of it is pretty lame, I thought I would share it for a laugh. Some people take these things super seriously, and I am just going on the record as saying, this was meant to be fun and is not some manifesto of who I am – although I am pretty fun!

Last beverage you drank: Water
That song you listened to: Hello by Adele
Have you dated someone twice: Yes, my husband...he dumped me once...lol!
Favorite colors: Sage green or red
How many kids do you want: Eventually, I'd like to adopt at least one
Do you want to change your name: No, except to add “Danger” in it or something!
What did you do for your last birthday: Spent time with my high school bestie!
What time does your alarm go off: 5am on weekdays, 8am on weekends
Name something you cannot wait for: Christmas!
Last time you saw your mother: Like 3 hours ago
Most visited web page: Google I suppose.
Do you have a crush on someone: My husband and Robert Downey Jr.
Piercings? My ears and my dogs howling voices!
Tattoos: Nope.
First surgery: Knee surgery when I was 18
Kissed a stranger? I've kissed some weird people, yes. Strange people.
Gotten a speeding ticket? I can't run that fast!
Broken someone's heart: Hopefully not.
Been arrested? Nope.
Been rejected? A boy named Kyle once publicly rejected me. Lol!
Fallen for a friend? Only my best friend! And then I married him!
If you could go back in time, would you? Only if I could go back to like 1776. lol!
Are you insecure? We all have things, but I hope they don't define me.
How do you want to die? Either heroically, or in my sleep. LOL!
Do you type fast? Type yes, but I suck at texting.
Have you ever gone outside in pajamas? I regret to admit how many people have seen my jammies.
Did you dream last night? Yup, and it was not a good one.
Do you like Chinese food? I like ALL food.
Afraid of the dark? Nope.
Favorite weather? Hot with low humidity.
Ever smoked a cigar? Yes, but not successfully.
Do you own a gun? Yes, and mine is purple and gold.
Favorite hobby: Writing or working out
Favorite food: BLT's with dill pickles and guacamole
Fast food: Wendy's or A& W, but I rarely eat fast food
Current book: I am listening to an awesome Benjamin Franklin biography
Favorite board game: I love Trivial Pursuit and Wits & Wagers
Favorite sport: I love football, or did...when I had cable. LOL!
Favorite thing to wear: My Fitbit or my rings I guess
Favorite flower: Carnations
Morning or night person: Morning for sure!
Favorite TV show: Frasier or Downton Abbey
Favorite movie: Either Forrest Gump or Aladdin
Introvert or extrovert: Right down the middle
Ever stayed up for over 24 hours? Yes, once and for 42 hours and not for fun, it was awful.
Ever get your wisdom teeth out? Nope. They are keepers!
Pet peeve: Tedious conversation and people who are unhygienic
My best quality: I am fun
My worst quality: I'm selfish and sometimes a bad listener.
Favorite quality in others: People who love to laugh and are passionate!