Football is my Favorite Season

I’m sure most people have noticed that when you see a couple in a relationship, one person sort of takes on the interests of the other, but it’s sort of a one-way deal.  I can think of numerous situations where I have seen this happen.  I have been lucky that in my marriage, we sort of balance in that way.  My husband has gotten me into many new things and new music and in turn, because of me he has new favorite things as well.  But one way that he sort of opened me up to new things was football.

I didn’t care for football growing up, and even as a young adult, I was indifferent.  But my husband got me into football the year before our marriage, and he did so through getting me involved in fantasy football.

Now, I went into this with very little background knowledge, just a bunch of stats.  I love stats.  I love probabilities and I love competition.  I am highly competitive.  Through fantasy football, I was able to satisfy all of this in myself without having to actually personally tackle anyone.  It was a great joy!

For years, I played in fantasy football leagues with my husband, usually playing with his friends and coworkers whom I didn’t really know.  After a couple of years fumbling with lineups and strategies, I finally got my feet under me.  A few years ago, I made it to the final round and lost the last game by only two points.  That was so aggravating to me, but the plus side was that I was the only girl and I came in second place.

In previous years, before canceling my cable with my extended sports package, I spent Sundays engrossed in the Redzone channel and could attest most weeks to seeing every single touchdown every single week.  This, of course, seriously cut into my homework time as well.  Tuesday mornings we sleepy having stayed up the night before to watch the game.

But in the process of becoming an addict to this sort of stats based competition, I also built bonds with some friends.  One particular friend, who I met via a “friend of a friend” sort of relationship, and whom I sort of struck up a friendship by chance, was someone who was also into fantasy football.  Through this, we not only always had something to talk about, but we had someone to strategize with who wasn’t a competitor in our own league!

But aside from the competition, the fun touchdown celebrations and my favorite, the fighting, I love to see the good that can come from strong leadership in coaching and teamwork.  Seeing a good leader take a mediocre team from defeat to victory inspires me in a way I cannot describe (hence why I love the Friday Night Lights series with coach Eric Taylor!).  Another thing I love is the generosity of the players who demonstrate what being a role model should look like.

We saw that this summer with J.J. Watt from the Houston Texans, raising money to help his city when they were in despair after the hurricane.  Through his own personal efforts, he raised millions of dollars and put his own feet on the ground to help those in need.  It was a little bit disappointing to see that he was not chosen to be GQ’s Citizen of the Year, both with his charitable activity and his overall integrity and good attitude.  But he inspired a nation, and maybe you don’t need a title or an award to make a difference.

Competition, leadership, statistics, teamwork, and some great role models; no wonder that football is my favorite season!