I Finally Got to be a Hero!

This weekend I was able to check another couple of goals off of my Day Zero Project list!

My sister has been a long time blood donor and has a rare donor card. She gives as often as she is able. Years ago, I attempted to donate but the combined fact that I am a hard stick and slow bleeder made this a failure, and the process was so frustrating and uncomfortable for me that I didn't try again.

Until this weekend!

I went to the nearest donation center, where it was comfortable and the staff was very friendly. With hardly any issue at all, I was able to make a successful donation. So I got to check that one off of my list. Secondly, because of donating, I finally know my blood type (I am A negative!). Another one to check off of the list!

During my years as a corporate outreach leader, I facilitated many blood drives successfully. I always cheered people on by telling them that by participating in a drive, they would be a hero to someone. They were giving life. And finally, I got to be a hero, too!

I know plenty of people who have needed transfusions at some point in their lives, including my parents. I am glad that someone had been selfless enough to donate the blood they needed, and I am hopeful that I can, in turn, help someone else.

I am eager to become a regular donor. When my sister and I went to donate this weekend, it was her 51st donation. I hope someday I reach that milestone, too!


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