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Looking to a New Year!

My New Year's Eve is going to be jam-packed with lots of very "me" things - church activities, a half marathon, and then an evening with my family playing games and eating delicious snacks. I have never been someone who lays the groundwork for personal change to coincide with the New Year.  People are always waiting until the new year, or until the next Monday, or until their next birthday to make positive resolutions.  Every best choice I have ever made was made and enacted at a random moment.  I made the decision to start losing weight on a Friday afternoon in the middle of August.  I didn't wait until the New Year to take action. However, I do like the idea of looking into a new year and imagining what it will hold.  And I have always been someone who likes to verbalize my ideas and plans to others because I am more likely to make them a reality when they are more than just a thought in my head.  I like to state what my intentions are, as I believe it encourage

Year End Reflection

In some ways, 2017 has been a difficult year. The year began in grief and sadness, and I have a tendency to become very withdrawn in times like that. But I am glad to say as we near the end of the year, I feel like I have my life together and I am making better choices than ever before.  Not only that, but I am less withdrawn than I have been, and I am getting more involved in things in healthy and meaningful ways. At the end of April, I published a book of poetry. It was a collection of some of my favorite poems that I had written from when I was a teenager up until a few years ago, and I was tremendously excited and proud to have put it together. I have since sold dozens of copies, and I feel like a real big time poet now! But that was only the beginning. Sharing my old poetry with others inspired me to begin writing again, and I have now published my second book of poetry, all written this year. It clearly demonstrates where I have been in my head and in my heart, and it is a

Jerry Seinfeld Live - Review

I recently saw Jerry Seinfeld live on stage.  It was my second time going to see him, and I had to go out of state to do it, but it was well worth it.  Both times that I have seen him live, I have laughed until my face hurts. I have always loved Jerry's Seinfeld's style of comedy.  He isn't overly vulgar and doesn't come up with a bunch of really bizarre things to make you laugh.  His observations are about real life and are hilarious. You laugh, but you are also laughing at yourself a little bit as you realize, "I do that!" People are funny in and of themselves and Seinfeld is brilliant at illustrating it.  My favorite bit that he did this time was on marriage.  He talked at some length about how men struggle to understand exactly how to make their wives happy, and then he moved onto the women.  Our minds, he said, are capable of understanding amazing natural curiosities...and when we have exhausted that, we move onto the hypothetical.  He imagined the wi

Sneaky Santa Fun

This week at work we have been participating in a Secret Santa exchange.  This is my favorite, as I love to find a way to surprise someone every day all week long.  It's an excuse to sneak around and dress festively and tell all kinds of acceptable lies, like, "I have no idea who put that there!" I was happy to be part of organizing the festivities this year even though I am new to this team.  I found it to be a great experience to bond with my new team as well.  Even though I was only buying for one person, I got to be the delivery elf for many people and had so much fun surprising people and watching them be delighted over the thoughtful things they are receiving. Giving is so fun.  Surprising people is one of the great joys we have.  It has been a long time since I made a Frasier  reference, but there is a great episode about this!  Back in season 4, there is an episode where Daphne gives Martin a sweater she made for him.  Martin responds by trying to pay her for

How I Avoid a Cold

A coworker of mine was recently very sick.  She had just been feeling under the weather, but throughout the day at work, she started feeling much worse.  Even though she left early, by the time she left she had a fever over 103 degrees.  She was also not the only person in the office who was sick, many others have had varying degrees of cold symptoms, and so I had been widely exposed. I came home from work the next day and felt a suspicious congestion in my throat and the early signs of a sinus headache.  I am prone to sinus infections and I get very anxious when those first signs start to appear. I then proceeded to take the precautionary course of prevention and treatment that has now worked three times in a row where I have started to feel like I was coming down with something and managed to avoid it. The first thing I did was get myself a few things from the store.  I bought Mucinex, both in liquid and tablet form.  I prefer the liquid for effectiveness but I prefer the table

What I Took From the Justice League Movie

My husband took me to see Justice League  this weekend for a date.  I am pretty sure we both have a crush on Gal Gadot, and he will sell me on any movie that Henry Cavill is in to get me to go.  I am not a movie buff by any means, and 10 years ago I wouldn't have known the difference between DC and Marvel, but here we are.  I have to laugh knowing how marriage has changed me! The movie was definitely good, and there were some moments where I burst out laughing and for me, that is the key, I love funny!   First of all, I was very impressed with Aquaman.  Honestly, I thought he had some of the best moments in the movie, and after all of the jokes on Big Bang Theory  about how lame Aquaman is, I was surprised because they made him very cool in Justice League !  Secondly, Henry Cavill did not disappoint.  I think he is so well suited for this role. My biggest take away was a principle of leadership.  That's right, even in a fun date night movie about fictitious superhero

The Original Turn Based Strategy Game

Growing up, I was exposed to electronics and technology very young. My dad was a major techie, and from the age of 2 and 3, I was learning to use computers and play video games. I was just discussing this with a friend of mine, who is a gamer, and he shared with me that his favorite childhood Christmas gift was the original Nintendo.  I replied that I was more outdoorsy as a kid and that for me, video games were for rainy days, when I was sick, or late at night when it was too dark to go outside.  However, I was fairly video game savvy as a kid, and to this day I take great pleasure in a long, strategic battle on Civilization VI. I dislike being called a gamer (my husband tells me that I am), but in truth, while not an expert video gamer, I have been exposed to and playing video games on many different platforms for over thirty years. When I was about three, I learned to play a game on the Atari called Utopia .  This was sort of the original turn-based strategy game that cre

Favorite Childhood Christmas Gifts

It's funny how as adults we can always remember the couple of gifts we got as kids that meant the most to us.  Often time they weren't even the most expensive gifts we received, but they stand out in our minds as the most memorable. When I was four, I got my first two-wheeled bike.  It had training wheels at first, which soon came off, and I remember being thrilled.  We were on our American travels at that time, living in a motorhome and moving from place to place and traveling around, so I learned to ride a bike alongside the Rio Grande, and in the deserts of Arizona.  I don't remember specifically asking for it or not, but it was a very happy day when I got my bike.  It wasn't just a was an experience!  It was an adventure. And my little legs peddled all over the place as fast as they could! I had inherited a Cabbage Patch doll when I was a little girl, and when I was seven they had released the new  version of the dolls that had different hair that you

Inventing Words

I tend to be a stickler for the English language sometimes.  I hate when people use incorrect forms of words that have, since being so commonly misused, been added to the dictionary.  However, the English language is also very limiting in some ways and totally illogical in others.  Even Shakespeare invented his own words, so I have no problem now and then adding to my vocabulary words that my family has developed when the English language has left them wanting. Below is a list of a few words that, uttered once in a moment of hilarity or desperation, have now become a part of my regular vocabulary: Epis : this one was invented by my mom in a moment where she couldn't find the correct English word or phrase to suit her.  She had said something like, "And what did I get?" And there was a pause.  I assume she could have also said "Diddly squat!"  But that isn't what her mind reached for in that moment.  Instead, she said, "Epis!"  And we all knew w

Christmas Cards

I love Christmas.  I always have.  I love everything about it from the twinkling lights to the dairy free eggnog that I drink.  I love having Christmas as an opportunity at work to be festive and spread cheer to my coworkers.  I own enough unique pieces of Christmas headgear to wear a different one to work everyday through the month of December, and I never miss a moment of Christmas fun! I stopped sending most people traditional Christmas cards via the mail years ago and instead took my Christmas cheer digital, but for my coworkers, I have always enjoyed putting on a little something special.  I like to give a card with a hand written note, maybe some chocolate and a small Christmas ornament.  Nothing big, but just a small way to be festive and let them know I am thinking of them specifically in what I write or choose to give. I find it very bizarre that every year I will get a few dozen cards in return from people, but many of them put no thought into them.  They buy a box of fif