Christmas Cards

I love Christmas.  I always have.  I love everything about it from the twinkling lights to the dairy free eggnog that I drink.  I love having Christmas as an opportunity at work to be festive and spread cheer to my coworkers.  I own enough unique pieces of Christmas headgear to wear a different one to work everyday through the month of December, and I never miss a moment of Christmas fun!

I stopped sending most people traditional Christmas cards via the mail years ago and instead took my Christmas cheer digital, but for my coworkers, I have always enjoyed putting on a little something special.  I like to give a card with a hand written note, maybe some chocolate and a small Christmas ornament.  Nothing big, but just a small way to be festive and let them know I am thinking of them specifically in what I write or choose to give.

I find it very bizarre that every year I will get a few dozen cards in return from people, but many of them put no thought into them.  They buy a box of fifty generic store cards, and do not even address it to the receiver.  They autograph their name at the bottom, no personalized message, and toss them onto my desk.  Could be for me, or for anyone.  My name is nowhere on it.

When this happens, I wonder why people bother.  Christmas cards aren't for everyone, and that's fine.  Maybe they only do it because they feel obligated.  But in any case, when I get such a non-personal card I don't even display it at my desk.

I will be sitting down this weekend to take a moment to reflect on each person and wish them a Merry Christmas.  I will try to personalize it just for them, so they know they were in my thoughts as I wrote the card.  I found these adorable draw string gift bags that look like Santa's sack, and I will fill it with Christmas chocolate.  There will candy canes and other very small, very inexpensive things that just brighten up a moment, but let them know that I love being a part of the team.

My goal is to spread Christmas cheer, not Christmas indifference!


  1. I completely agree! I put people's names on the envelopes, write a personalized message just for them and always do a little homemade gift with it and leave a single candy on top. In return I often get enveloped with my name scribbled on them and just a signature (sometimes an illegible one) inside and nothing else. It's so impersonal!


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