Jerry Seinfeld Live - Review

I recently saw Jerry Seinfeld live on stage.  It was my second time going to see him, and I had to go out of state to do it, but it was well worth it.  Both times that I have seen him live, I have laughed until my face hurts.

I have always loved Jerry's Seinfeld's style of comedy.  He isn't overly vulgar and doesn't come up with a bunch of really bizarre things to make you laugh.  His observations are about real life and are hilarious. You laugh, but you are also laughing at yourself a little bit as you realize, "I do that!"

People are funny in and of themselves and Seinfeld is brilliant at illustrating it.  My favorite bit that he did this time was on marriage.  He talked at some length about how men struggle to understand exactly how to make their wives happy, and then he moved onto the women.  Our minds, he said, are capable of understanding amazing natural curiosities...and when we have exhausted that, we move onto the hypothetical.  He imagined the wife asking, "If you faked your own death and I found out about it, how would you respond?" 

I burst out laughing at this, and my husband nudged me - evidently, I do this often. 

Despite having recently watched his Netflix special, "Jerry Before Seinfeld," and also having seen him live last year, there was a lot of new material throughout his show.  The first half of the show seemed to mostly be about the frustrations of everyday living, and how he despises when people say, "it is what it is."  The second half focused on the quirks of life, marriage, and so on, and all throughout, he kept us laughing.  The man next to me was especially enjoying it and had a hearty laugh!

Because he has been doing this for so long, he is an expert in every aspect of putting on a live show, from the sound to moving from bit to bit and keeping the audience laughing.  There were no lulls or dull moments, and I was only sorry when it ended that there was no more. 

The experience was worth the cost and the drive and the braving of the cold night air.  I don't think I could ever tire of seeing him, and will absolutely try to go again the next time he is around.


  1. Lucky!! I'd really like to see him Live! I have the CD "I'm Telling You for the Last Time" and I must have listened to it at least a couple dozen times now!

    Great write up!


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