Looking to a New Year!

My New Year's Eve is going to be jam-packed with lots of very "me" things - church activities, a half marathon, and then an evening with my family playing games and eating delicious snacks.

I have never been someone who lays the groundwork for personal change to coincide with the New Year.  People are always waiting until the new year, or until the next Monday, or until their next birthday to make positive resolutions.  Every best choice I have ever made was made and enacted at a random moment.  I made the decision to start losing weight on a Friday afternoon in the middle of August.  I didn't wait until the New Year to take action.

However, I do like the idea of looking into a new year and imagining what it will hold.  And I have always been someone who likes to verbalize my ideas and plans to others because I am more likely to make them a reality when they are more than just a thought in my head.  I like to state what my intentions are, as I believe it encourages me to follow through.

2017 was an incredibly challenging year for me, but without challenges, we cannot rise to become better.  I look into 2018 and fully expect more challenge, but I embrace that challenge and look forward to achievement as a result.

2018 holds my projected graduation date for completing my Master's of Science in Management.  It's hard to believe that only a couple years ago I was nervously signing up to go back for my master's and now I am nearly done.  I am also very glad I took all of my most difficult classes early!

I hope to spend 2018 focused on learning to play my guitar, writing some non-fiction, doing some Bible study, and finishing my 12 consecutive months of doing a half marathon every month.  I look forward to 2018 being a year where I complete many items from my Day Zero Project list, reading books, learning new things and eating new, delicious food!

I hope 2018 brings new friendships, strengthens old ones, builds greater bonds within my family, brings new and happy changes and a fondness for old routines.  And I hope for all of my readers that 2018 proves to be a year of blessing and great joy!


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