Sneaky Santa Fun

This week at work we have been participating in a Secret Santa exchange.  This is my favorite, as I love to find a way to surprise someone every day all week long.  It's an excuse to sneak around and dress festively and tell all kinds of acceptable lies, like, "I have no idea who put that there!"

I was happy to be part of organizing the festivities this year even though I am new to this team.  I found it to be a great experience to bond with my new team as well.  Even though I was only buying for one person, I got to be the delivery elf for many people and had so much fun surprising people and watching them be delighted over the thoughtful things they are receiving.

Giving is so fun.  Surprising people is one of the great joys we have.  It has been a long time since I made a Frasier reference, but there is a great episode about this!  Back in season 4, there is an episode where Daphne gives Martin a sweater she made for him.  Martin responds by trying to pay her for it, and Daphne is outraged.  Then Frasier comes in and comments on his sweater, and Martin responds that Daphne made it for him.  Frasier says, "You don't seem very happy about it."  And Martin says, "No, well, I'm not.  You don't just give somebody something for no reason, that's my rule."

Frasier responds, "Spontaneous gift-giving is one of life's great pleasures."

Even though with secret Santa it's not "spontaneous" exactly, the principle holds true.  Giving truly is better than receiving.  Giving is fun.  Giving allows us to focus all of our creativity on being thoughtful toward someone.  Giving allows us to show someone how we are thinking about them.

My husband is a fabulous gift giver, and not just with me.  He is the most thoughtful person, meticulously planning and gathering gifts for whoever he is buying for, using the opportunity to demonstrate that he has been paying attention even when he hasn't responded with words.  I am amazed at how he demonstrates his love through giving.  I especially love watching him do it for others.  He understands gift giving as a love language, and he uses it to speak to people's hearts.

I have enjoyed using gift giving as a way to get to know these new people, and I have even put aside my aversion to workplace hugging to share and show appreciation!