What I Took From the Justice League Movie

My husband took me to see Justice League this weekend for a date.  I am pretty sure we both have a crush on Gal Gadot, and he will sell me on any movie that Henry Cavill is in to get me to go.  I am not a movie buff by any means, and 10 years ago I wouldn't have known the difference between DC and Marvel, but here we are.  I have to laugh knowing how marriage has changed me!

The movie was definitely good, and there were some moments where I burst out laughing and for me, that is the key, I love funny!  

First of all, I was very impressed with Aquaman.  Honestly, I thought he had some of the best moments in the movie, and after all of the jokes on Big Bang Theory about how lame Aquaman is, I was surprised because they made him very cool in Justice League!  Secondly, Henry Cavill did not disappoint.  I think he is so well suited for this role.

My biggest take away was a principle of leadership.  That's right, even in a fun date night movie about fictitious superheroes, there was a true lesson to be learned here.  I usually only really see these types of learning moments in football movies, so it caught me a little off guard!

I don't want to give away any spoilers so I'll speak in general terms.  There are so many aspects of leadership, so many qualities we hope to discover in our leaders, and because of this, there are many types of leaders with many different sets of traits.  Different leaders are suited for different situations, and because good leaders are always authentic, there's not a standard formula for good leadership.

But good leaders are always willing to rise up, be decisive and take responsibility for the course they take.  Sometimes decisions will prove to be the wrong ones.  Nobody is perfect, and even the best leader is going to make mistakes sometimes.  Sometimes those mistakes are costly.  And that is when leadership is even more important, to be able to take responsibility.

I have heard too many so-called leaders say, "I don't want the responsibility."  Or, "Someone needs to step up and take charge, but not me."  Or even, "I don't want to be the one responsible for this when it goes wrong."

If we are going to call yourselves leaders, we need to stop looking to the left and right and hoping someone else will do the hard job.  We need to stop thinking, "well, if they won't then I won't either."  And we need to stop letting past mistakes hold us back.

That was my takeaway from the Justice League movie.