Learning a new Craft

I am not a crafty person.  I learned to cross stitch when I was 10 years old and enjoyed that but once I got bifocals at the age of 14 (yes, that's a fact!), and then my vision worsened, cross stitching became a headache to me, literally.  I have trouble differentiating shades of floss and my eyes just can't cope with the small details.  But, unfortunately, that is the only real art and craft sort of thing I could do.

I dreaded art class in school.  For me, papier-mache was a nightmare of goopy mess and dishevelled projects that I was ashamed to bring home to my mom and dad.  I could barely draw stick people.  I hated anything to do with sculpting or anything creative.  I'm more of a math person, as boring as that sounds.

My sisters are both creative and skilled at different crafts.  In my home, I have different artwork hanging that was done for me by one of my sisters, she is an excellent painter.  My sisters can scrapbook and decorate and cook and decorate baking.  As kids, my mom got us a bead loom and they would all create bracelets on it...I'm pretty sure I just made a mess with the beads.

My mom was also quite crafty.  Growing up, we had blankets in the house she had made, and she did some type of needlework to create framed art as well.  My mom is also a cook by trade and can be quite festive and creative in her culinary work.

So, I have been feeling a little bit left out.  I had made frozen pizzas in my oven the other day and when they came out my sister watched me cut them into slices and my lack of artistry even in something as mundane as that had her say, "It's funny to watch you do things sometimes."  I am a danger to myself and others!

My friend recently started using a loom to make hats.  She has been practicing and has made quite a few and they have all turned out cute.  And now I am feeling especially envious.  I need a craft.  Not because I long to have dozens of hats or blankets piling up, but I need something to sit and keep me relaxed while I watch TV or I just fidget.

So, I have been investigating different types of crafts to do that do not require intricate detail and that can be done by someone as uncoordinated as I am.  I have started investigating learning to crochet.  I read a message board that said the beginner stuff is so easy a child can do it.

I am tempted, if nothing else, to show them how difficult it can actually be for a ham-fisted, thirty-something-year-old child like me!