Morning Routines

I have always been a morning person.  My husband teases me that I start getting grouchy after lunch time.  That is an exaggeration, but I definitely begin winding down around 9pm each night, but I wake up early each day, hungry for food and goals to accomplish!

I never really understood how much I value a pleasant morning routine that allows me to start my day well until recently.  Last year I started waking up an hour early once again to get my workout in before work each day, and that extra hour at the start of my day has been an unexpected delight to the rest of my day.

By the time I sit down at work each day, I've already accomplished some things, which puts a little extra gas into my tank.  By the time work starts, I usually have 50-60 active minutes on my Fitbit.  By work time, I've digested my breakfast and I'm ready for second breakfast  (I'm sort of like a hobbit with meal times!).  Oftentimes, before I leave for work, I've taken care of household chores like laundry, dishes and trash.  I start my day invigorated, knowing I'll go home to an evening I can have to myself, chores done, workout logged, and well-deserving of my leisure time.

But my first item of the day, before even hopping out of bed, is to read my devotional on my phone.  It is always in my email when I wake up. It sets my attitude for my day. It grounds me and resets my priorities.  A few moments invested in God's Word, and I literally jump from my bed and rush to see my puppies and eat my breakfast.

"Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have."  Lemony Snicket