Planning a Party

One of my very favorite episodes of Frasier is in season six, episode sixteen, called Dinner Party.  In it, Frasier and Niles prepare to plan a dinner party in order to better get to know some friends.  While planning, they encounter a hilarious series of events that cause them to question the normalcy of their closeness as brothers, and in one scene prompting Frasier to say, "why don't we get on a bicycle built for two, ride over there and ask them what is so strange about us!?"

This scene has always reminded me and my sister of each other.

However, I was thinking of this scene for a different reason recently.  This spring, I will celebrate my 35th birthday.  And for several years now, I have proposed that for my 35th birthday I will have a "Snakes Alive I'm 35" birthday party - another nod to Frasier, as Niles references that Maris once had this for her 35th birthday.

I have often daydreamed that perhaps my childhood friends would be able to come together for this celebration, to join me here in this place that I now think of as home, and both celebrate and reflect with me.  It seemed like such a long shot, between busy schedules and costly travel plans.  However, just this week, three of my dearest childhood friends have sent me confirmations of their bookings to be here for my birthday!

I am telling you, I lost a whole night of sleep due to the excitement.  I was like a child at Christmas!

It is still several months away, but I have already thought up day trips across the state, a fancy dinner out the night of my actual birthday, and a big party that weekend with my old friends and those that are newer, playing games, dancing and eating delicious food.

I can scarcely believe I am going to be 35 years old, truly a grown up now and unable to really pass myself off as "still just a kid."  However, I fully suspect with the friends of my youth and the songs we used to sing blasting, I will be 15 again.

My sister and I had a little quartette as children, and one of the girls we were friends with is one who has booked her trip, her first trip, to visit us here.  On a trip to my hometown in my twenties, I was able to see and spend time with her, but during her visit here, it will be the first time in sixteen years that she, my sister and I have been in the same room together.  What an exciting reunion!

There is a quote: "Happiness is pretty simple: someone to love, something to do, something to look forward to."  Despite this week's dreary weather and day to day challenges, I have found that having this to look forward to has quite brightened my attitude!

Maybe Frasier and Niles are right, life is a little bit sweeter when you're planning a party!