Broadening My Horizons

I love how eclectic the people in my life are.  All of my siblings and friends are experts and aficionados of different things, and through them, I am exposed to so many new and wonderful ideas and experiences that I may never have stumbled upon on my own.

One of my best friends, a friend from high school, has gotten me into quite a few things and the most recent is a new brand of leggings!  She sent me two pairs for Christmas and since then I have purchased six new pairs for myself!  She had been swearing by them for a long time and they looked comfortable and like high quality, and now I am hooked!  She has also done thoughtful things for me as gifts that I have loved so much that I stole the idea and did them for others!

This is the same friend who inspired me to publish my books of poetry!

The list of things that I currently love that my husband almost had to sort of push me into (because I am stubborn) include but are not limited to: Forrest Gump, Brooks & Dunn, King of the Hill, MASH, football, Marvel movies (especially Iron Man!), and the last but most important, having dogs!  I would be an entirely different person had it not been for him!

Because of my sisters I: own Babyliss hair styling products, collect Disney pins, took several years of hip-hop dance and Body Pump at the gym, I am an avid watcher of Modern Family and the Impractical Jokers, and a sushi lover!

My dearest friend JB frequently sends me recipes and haircuts that I might try, the lyrics to songs I should listen to, and it is often because of her that I inherit a funny new saying that I use until everyone else is annoyed.

Even though she was not the one who actually got me into it, my childhood best friend KJ was the one who made me truly love The Simpons and I always think of her when I watch (Mr. Burns reminds me of her!).

My dear friend KN, one of the girls that is coming to visit me this summer for my 35th birthday, has the most soothing speaking voice and sends me voice messages about things I know nothing about but then sends me on a wild Google chase, looking things up and learning new things!

I always remember the people who get me hooked on new things.  I'll never forget the first teacher I had who exposed me to Kipling.  I'll never forget the teacher who made me love Nathaniel Hawthorne.  My mom was the one who exposed me to my favorite fictional book of all time, Anne of Green Gables.

But for the life of me, I cannot remember who is at fault for making me love Nickelback!


  1. I'm not ashamed to might be my fault you love Nickelback, because I do too!


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