Gary Allan: Concert Review

My husband and I recently went to see Gary Allan again, my third time and his fifth.  It was also our second time actually going out of state to do so.  I have been a fan of Gary Allan since before my 14th birthday. Now, more than twenty years into his career, Allan is 50, and better than ever.

I suppose I've always gone for that blue eyed, dark haired, stern mouthed type. I loved it at 14 and grew up and married it!

Vocally, he was amazing. He played a new set list and included older and more obscure songs like "Guys Like Me" And "A Showman's Life."  I was sure there was a tear in his eye during "Life Ain't Always Beautiful" as I'm sure he remembered his late wife, who took her own life almost 14 years ago.  And he played some of my all-time favorites such as "Like It's a Bad Thing" and "Smoke Rings in the Dark."

I love people watching at concerts. Allan's blend of country and rock draws a diverse crowd.  There were definitely some people there my age and younger, but surrounding me were women who were probably my age now when they fell in love with Allan's music twenty years ago. These middle-aged ladies danced and sang with abandon, being transported back in time to when they first heard the songs.

I was most struck by this man in front of me.  White collared shirt and sweater vest, white hair and glasses, he stood all night,  dancing and singing along.  Where Gary's relentless good looks keep those ladies feeling like they are twenty again in their hearts, his energy and tremendous coolness remind men of how young they are in their hearts, too.

Allan's song choices, his voice and his energy are worth the drive across state lines to see him perform live.  He played for 90 minutes and came back for an encore including "Suspicious Minds" which one of my sister's would have probably loved.  Then my husband and I scampered quickly through the crowds to get on the highway and get home in case it started to snow!

I'm more likely to prefer live comedy over live music but I hope to see Gary Allan again soon.  I'm envious that my husband has seen him more times (one time he was against the stage and Gary Allan tripped over his hand!), so I'm hoping to see him many more times.

I'm excited that for years to come when I hear him play, I'll be a teenager again!