Day Zero Project - One Year In

Today officially marks the one year anniversary since I began my Day Zero Project list entitled "101 Things to do in 1001 Days."  In fact, my list has 110 items on it, as I suddenly had an epiphany as I completed it.

I look back on the year and realize not only the number of things I have done, but the great diversity of things, the interesting new things, and quality of my time spent!

Below is a list of the things I have now checked off as complete.  46 items!  That means I am almost 42% done my list, and only 36% done the time length.

·         Learn 50 new things by clicking random articles button on Wikipedia
·         Take a painting class
·         Pay off debt
·         Increase 401K contribution
·         Get a new job
·         Cancel cable
·         Cancel Shakeology for more affordable alternative
·         Read historical novel with MA
·         Send at least 10 surprise packages to friends “just because”
·         Donate blood
·         Walk a full marathon (26.2 miles)
·         Do the 23andMe kit
·         Run a full mile
·         Complete 500-mile challenge in 2017
·         Finish a half marathon in under 2:55:00
·         Find out my blood type
·         No fast food for a month
·         Increase step goal on Fitbit to 12,000
·         Increase step goal on Fitbit to 15,000
·         Complete one half-marathon every month for a year
·         Try 10 new restaurants
·         Take hubby to Rangers game
·         Have a weekly date for 3 months
·         Find a new coffee table (chose to reorganize and not have one!)
·         Create vehicle emergency kit
·         Participate in garage sale to declutter
·         Donate all shoes that are damaging to my feet
·         Replace quilt and sheets on bed with new
·         Create a relaxation grotto around master bathtub
·         Organize all closets
·         Reorganize kitchen cabinets and cupboards and donate unused items
·         Start a new tradition
·         Go to a fancy restaurant
·         Win a game of Civilization VI on prince difficulty or higher
·         Start a blog
·         Publish a poem
·         Get an article published
·         Receive and frame first royalty check
·         Write a short story
·         Begin tithing
·         Join a church
·         Listen to Pastor Bayless Conley’s weekly sermon every week for a year
·         Read the Bible every day for a year
·         Watch Modern Family series
·         See 10 classic movies I have never seen before
·         Buy myself a M*A*S*H collectible item

    In the next few months I have some big things that are currently in progress that I will complete.  I will soon complete my Master's of Management degree, I will finish one year's worth of date nights with my friend MA, I am close to finishing the 1000 Mile Challenge already for 2018, and I will complete "do a random act of kindness every week for one year." 

   I also hope to be able to soon start and check off getting my CHL, finish writing 100 haikus, and celebrate my 35th birthday in a special way.  I hope the next 365 days are as fun and interesting and productive and the last!  I totally recommend using Day Zero Project as a way to get motivated to complete goals and try new things!