So, my husband has lately accused me of behaving like a "crotchety old man" and that I have become disdainful of things before I understand them.  I am going to chalk this up to my level of mental fatigue lately as I round that homeward stretch for school.  I am sick of everything and I am getting grouchy!

I wrote recently that my husband has been getting his fill of baseball movies as we come upon the beginning of baseball season.  As a result, I have watched a lot of movies with him.  His love language is quality time, and so I like to spend time with him enjoying his interests to demonstrate my love.  As a result, I sometimes find myself growing as a result, learning to enjoy things I never would have expected, albeit sometimes rather grudgingly (I hate it when he knows me better than I know myself!).

Moneyball is old news to most everyone else, it came out in 2011.  I have never actually looked closely at the cover of the book or movie, so I didn't realize this was about baseball.  For some reason, I assumed it was something to do with casino gambling.  So when my husband suggested that we watch it, I was crotchety, grouchy and disdainful rolled into one word: "why?!"

Turns out, not only was I wrong, I absolutely loved it.  Though it stars Brad Pitt, who I find smug at times and irritating at others, it also has Jonah Hill, who plays a brilliant economist with a mathematical approach to valuing baseball players that changes how they build their team.  The statistics fascinated me.  After watching the movie, I both researched and had my husband explain truth from fiction and was further intrigued as I understood the strategy being used.  I love math, especially statistics.

I am regretful that I didn't use my skill or interest in math to actually do something cool.  When I watch movies like Moneyball I feel the same way I do when I watch UFC fighting - that I could have done something so much cooler with my life!  At least the math was actually a possibility for me.

So, it was a learning experience.  First of all, it was another blatant example of my husband being right about me being crotchety and wrong.  Secondly, I loved the mathematical component of it.  Third, I always love a good sports movie!  I intend to buy the book to further learn about this strategy.  And though I've never been a baseball fan, I worry this will turn me into one.

And if you love this stuff too, Season 22 of The Simpsons has an episode that sort of parodies this movie, where Lisa uses the same sabermetric approach to helping Bart's little league team!