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Employee Disengagement

It amazes me how often leaders - even longtime, experienced leaders - just totally miss the boat on the easiest employee engagement opportunities.  When employee engagement survey scores come back with opportunities listed, and then leaders willfully ignore the easy ways to make the connection that is desired, it speaks volumes to their lack of "want to" on the subject. The organization I work for offers an online recognition program where all employees can recognize each other with cards and even with points that have dollar values associated with them.  Each year on an employee's anniversary with the company, an e-card becomes available to be shared around via email and signed with pictures and comments, offering congratulations and sometimes a hearty chuckle over a memory.  It is a great way to take a few minutes out of the day to connect with someone and these experiences we share together over the course of 40+ hours every week. One of these emails was recently s

Time for Me

As I write this, I am bogged down between learning some new job functions and being in school full time and absorbed in projects.  If I think too hard about it, I feel overwhelmed and sad.  The busier I become in my life, the more I realize the importance of devoting time for myself, my health and my hobbies.  Without that balance, not only do I become less productive but life just sucks in general. Between now and July, there will not be a single evening or weekend where I couldn't always be doing something "more important."  If I am reading a book or watching TV, I could always think to myself, "I really should be working on projects."  It is exactly because of this that I am not missing my workouts or my chances to goof around! In the last few weeks, I have committed even more time to exercise, and have my weight bench set up in the garage and my husband is my designated spotter when the bar starts getting loaded up with weight.  When I am squatting, I am

Not so Inspirational

I read something the other day that annoyed me.  I don't typically like to use this space as a place to vent about things I dislike, but this really struck a chord with me.  It was a story that showed up in my Google cards when I was reading the news.  I wish I hadn't clicked into the story at all. It was this woman who had gone viral for sharing a nasty tweet about her ex-husband.  I refuse to share the story or too much detail, but it was one of those things that I alluded to recently in my post about women who say they are empowered but act very differently.  She made a tweet that said something to the effect of having moved on and all the pounds she'd shed were him. Initially, I didn't think much of her tweet.  People do that sort of passive-aggressive stuff all the time.  What really struck me was a woman who commented on it to say something like, "You are such an inspiration when I see how far you've come!" An inspiration?  How far she's co

Being Underestimated

I've always bristled at being underestimated, which I frequently am.  I have to purposely focus on not being resentful when being second-guessed or passed over.  When I was younger, it created within me a belief that I needed to prove myself constantly.  My competitive nature insists on being a part of the contest, and being underestimated annoyed me to the point that it would alter my behavior. I have recently learned different stories of people who had the opposite problem, they were overestimated.  The potential that people saw in them was like a hologram, more of an image than a thing of substance.  Whether it has been a question of their intelligence or talent, others saw in them a great success only to be disappointed when those prospects turned out to be false.  Contemplating this, it sounds like a nightmare. I would be happier if people didn't make assumptions at all, but that isn't human nature.  It is a constant battle to fight against a world that imposes the

Bravery or Ignorance

I am not a proponent at all of being purposefully ignorant.  I believe people should be engaged in their communities, aware of current events, and in a constant state of seeking to remove ignorant barriers and assumptions. However, there have been many times in my life where my ignorance has given me the courage to face situations I may have otherwise hesitated to face, because I had no idea what the potential fallout could be, or how it might be perceived.  I was acting on my instincts and being myself, and it worked out far better than second guessing myself because of knowing "facts." The biggest incident I can recall around this was back a few years ago when I was a lead over my team at work.  We were going through some organizational changes and my team, which consisted of many very long-term employees who had seen many organizational changes, were unresponsive at best and disagreeable at worst regarding the change.  I had done everything internally I could think of

Women's Empowerment

I have to take issue with the way some women demonstrate their belief in women's empowerment.  I'm not an expert in very many things, but I've been a woman for a long time now and I reckon myself advanced in this field, and my belief is that they are doing it wrong! I have noticed a lot more women's groups, blogs, communities, and pages dedicated to women's empowerment.  They proclaim that we, as women, are strong, independent, "don't need no man," and so on, and yet many of the women in these communities continue to blame their situation on a man.  Their emotional instability is a man's fault.  Their station in life is a man's fault.  I even heard a woman not long ago say that her husband repeatedly tricked her into getting pregnant.  Please don't say stuff like that and call yourself an empowered woman. I consider myself a modern woman, I believe in women's rights and true equality.  That is to say, real equality and not elevating

Culture Shock

As I reflect on my sixteen year anniversary since moving to this wonderful southern state, I think back on the things that were sort of a culture shock to me.  Granted, I am an English speaking Caucasian by birth, so coming here was a lot less shocking than it probably is for people coming from other cultures, but nonetheless there were (and still are!) some things that really caught me off guard.  It's no wonder these folks down here think it's like it's own country!  I know northern Americans who come down here and experience culture shock as well! Here are some things I learned when I moved down here: The phrase "bless your heart" is used often and it is not  a compliment!  There's a Miranda Lambert song called "Only Prettier" that has a line that says, "I don't have to be hateful, I can just say bless your heart."  The idiot neighbor you have that can't seem to find their ass with both hands?  Bless their heart. People ca