Not so Inspirational

I read something the other day that annoyed me.  I don't typically like to use this space as a place to vent about things I dislike, but this really struck a chord with me.  It was a story that showed up in my Google cards when I was reading the news.  I wish I hadn't clicked into the story at all.

It was this woman who had gone viral for sharing a nasty tweet about her ex-husband.  I refuse to share the story or too much detail, but it was one of those things that I alluded to recently in my post about women who say they are empowered but act very differently.  She made a tweet that said something to the effect of having moved on and all the pounds she'd shed were him.

Initially, I didn't think much of her tweet.  People do that sort of passive-aggressive stuff all the time.  What really struck me was a woman who commented on it to say something like, "You are such an inspiration when I see how far you've come!"

An inspiration?  How far she's come?  She is ranting and venting on the internet to shame someone she used to love.  She clearly hasn't come very far at all, because instead of making a positive post about herself, she makes a negative one about someone else.

And it's so troubling to me that other people find this inspirational!

I've discussed before the merit of the saying "the best revenge is living well."  While I can argue the value of that, there is a whole lot more to say about someone who moves on to live well and move forward, than there is about something who validates themselves by tearing someone else down.

If your value comes only from taking someone else down, it is a false value.  Because once that person is removed far enough from you that you cannot tear them down, you are left with only who you really are.

Why do people idolize people who shame others, seek revenge and tear others down?  There are so many great stories about forgiveness, about people moving on from bad situations to better themselves and to help others.  Those are the stories I find inspirational.

This lady who shamed her ex-husband on Twitter, I feel sorry for her.  I feel even more sorry for the people who rally to this false girl power, chanting "you've come so far."  These women wear a mask of self-worth to hide their deep insecurities.


  1. Sing it out sister! Totally a junior high school attitude!


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