Time for Me

As I write this, I am bogged down between learning some new job functions and being in school full time and absorbed in projects.  If I think too hard about it, I feel overwhelmed and sad.  The busier I become in my life, the more I realize the importance of devoting time for myself, my health and my hobbies.  Without that balance, not only do I become less productive but life just sucks in general.

Between now and July, there will not be a single evening or weekend where I couldn't always be doing something "more important."  If I am reading a book or watching TV, I could always think to myself, "I really should be working on projects."  It is exactly because of this that I am not missing my workouts or my chances to goof around!

In the last few weeks, I have committed even more time to exercise, and have my weight bench set up in the garage and my husband is my designated spotter when the bar starts getting loaded up with weight.  When I am squatting, I am not thinking of my projects but rather of my screaming glutes, and that is exactly the sort of distraction I need most at times like this.

I read a quote that says, "Do something every day that scares you."  I especially like this, and it is very challenging to even wrap your head around.  But when I am forcing my focus onto something that frightens me a little bit, the part of my head that is overwhelmed with working and school projects gets a much-needed break.  I am trying to think of things that intimidate me a little and try them, especially in these next weeks as I bear the weight of my obligations.

A friend of mine commented to me today via email, "I don't know how you manage your workload."  However, there is a fact that is true for me and has always been true and I first realized it in high school, and that is this: the more I do, the more I can and want to do.  I can keep a fast pace almost indefinitely.  It is when life gets slow and laggy that I dread taking on new things. 

I think I find the challenge of a busy schedule exhilarating.  It makes me appreciate my friends and my family and my hobbies even more.  I sleep well at night and wake up each morning to a day that I know will be a lot of things, but boring isn't one of them.  It requires a lot of self-discipline, a skill I have been sharpening since I was homeschooled as a child, but it also affords me a level of energy and accomplishment. 

So tonight after a day of work and homework and thinking about tedious things, I am going to enjoy my husband's delicious leftovers, have my weekly "friend date" with a high school friend and play Canasta online, enjoy a challenging workout and a snack, and go to bed accomplished and content, and wake up refreshed and ready to do this all over again tomorrow.