Women's Empowerment

I have to take issue with the way some women demonstrate their belief in women's empowerment.  I'm not an expert in very many things, but I've been a woman for a long time now and I reckon myself advanced in this field, and my belief is that they are doing it wrong!

I have noticed a lot more women's groups, blogs, communities, and pages dedicated to women's empowerment.  They proclaim that we, as women, are strong, independent, "don't need no man," and so on, and yet many of the women in these communities continue to blame their situation on a man.  Their emotional instability is a man's fault.  Their station in life is a man's fault.  I even heard a woman not long ago say that her husband repeatedly tricked her into getting pregnant.  Please don't say stuff like that and call yourself an empowered woman.

I consider myself a modern woman, I believe in women's rights and true equality.  That is to say, real equality and not elevating women to be more equal.  I believe men and women are different but equally valuable, and if we want to be seen as being equally valuable then we need to start behaving like we value ourselves.  And we remove our own value when we fail to take responsibility for our choices and situations.  It is like saying, "I am in this situation because of a man, because deep down I am a weak woman and incapable of making the choices necessary to move my life in the direction I wish to go."

I've made plenty of bad choices in my life, but I'm not in the habit of blaming someone else for those choices.  I won't say that someone conned, coerced or manipulated me into making decisions against my will.  I am woman enough to take responsibility for it and deal with it.

When women create and participate in these groups under the guise of female empowerment, but then go on to rant about how their past relationships have ruined them or made them bitter, they are enabling victimhood, they are not empowered.  They are proving the opposite of what they speak. 

True empowerment comes from the belief that we are responsible for our own choices.  It is based on the actions we take knowing that we are responsible for what we do, and don't make excuses of the things that happen to us.  I can lean on my husband and feel fully empowered; I can also take responsibility for my own choices without making laying the blame on him, or anyone else.  And truly empowered women don't sit idly while other women victimize themselves, they don't perpetuate and enable other women to stagnate in their self-pity or victimhood.

It takes a real woman to be empowered.


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