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Alone Time

So, throughout the length of my marriage - and even during the pre-marriage courtship - I have always had an abundance of alone time.  My husband and I have always been on different schedules, which has given us good quality time when we are together and given me plenty of much needed alone time to do my own thing and be "off" for lengths of time. I am reclusive by nature.  I can be "on" for work, for family and for my husband.  But like everyone else, I need my me time.  In fact, it takes a lot for me to get lonely. In the recent months, however, with my husband at home full time (and doing an excellent job at taking care of literally everything for me before I get home) I get almost no alone time.  Moreover, as I finish these last 6 weeks of grad school, even my personal downtime has been greatly consumed with preparing assignments. Recent conversations with friends and my husband have pointed me into the direction of realizing I need to focus more on incorp

Comparing Sisters

I have written a lot about sisters.  It's something I have a lot of experience in.  I have been a sister for over three decades, and in my expert opinion, I have the two best sisters you could ever find. Recently, when my mom was describing us to someone else she said, "if you attack any one of them, they will very quickly start circling the wagons."  This is a fact.  No matter how stupid one of us has been, we can bicker amongst ourselves, but if you come against us, that is a force to be reckoned with! However, there are also complexities that come with dealing with us, especially as through the years we have at times worked together and had mutual friends.  Being friends with the set of us is not just having mutual friendships, it's being friends with sisters.  It poses an entirely different dynamic. Here's the thing: I don't care whether you compare me favorably or unfavorably to them, I don't want to be compared.  I've had things said to me

So Small

So, there is a Carrie Underwood song that I have never really been in love with, called "So Small," which discusses how sometimes we make a really big deal of really small things and we fail to see what's really important. Despite not loving the song (and I really can't say why, it's not a bad song), I was thinking about it this week.  How we have those moments of clarity in life where we see the things that truly matter and that the rest of everything else is the noise that distracts us from it. My husband is going through this to an extent right now.  Some health issues in his family have created cause for alarm, and have suddenly made some of the other things we have been facing seem insignificant in comparison. I remember reading in the  Anne of Green Gables series as a child a scene where, Anne as an adult in college in the third book, is torn about a decision and asks herself what she will wish she had done when she was 80 years old.  It gave her persp