Comparing Sisters

I have written a lot about sisters.  It's something I have a lot of experience in.  I have been a sister for over three decades, and in my expert opinion, I have the two best sisters you could ever find.

Recently, when my mom was describing us to someone else she said, "if you attack any one of them, they will very quickly start circling the wagons."  This is a fact.  No matter how stupid one of us has been, we can bicker amongst ourselves, but if you come against us, that is a force to be reckoned with!

However, there are also complexities that come with dealing with us, especially as through the years we have at times worked together and had mutual friends.  Being friends with the set of us is not just having mutual friendships, it's being friends with sisters.  It poses an entirely different dynamic.

Here's the thing: I don't care whether you compare me favorably or unfavorably to them, I don't want to be compared.  I've had things said to me such as, "Boy, your sisters sure are pretty.  You are nothing like them."  This is annoying.  But no less annoying is, "Wow, you are way *insert compliment here* than your sisters."  Are you talking crap about my sisters?!

Me and my sisters couldn't be more different personality wise sometimes.  We all fit our individual molds as eldest, middle and youngest of the set.  We all have wildly different interests at times and we have very different goals and we react very differently to things. 

But we are also tied together genetically.  We make the same funny "huhm!" sound when we find something amusing.  Our husbands cannot tell the difference in our voices over the phone.  We have the same propensity for small mouths and wide hips and what I like to call an intelligent looking forehead!  It is probably easy to look at us and make comparisons on how we are alike or different.

And people do it all the time, with absolutely no regard to whether this might be annoying to us or not.

It's not that I mind being compared to them because they are my sisters.  They are both respectable, attractive, successful women.  Sure.  If you're going to compare me to someone it might as well be them.  But what woman enjoys being compared to anyone else?  I think deep down we all want to be "one in a million" but when you make comparisons it stops feeling that way.  I think it's just much more likely people will compare sisters.

It's a complex dyanmic to know the three of us together.  We bring a whole lot of personality to the table when we are together.  We are unusually close to one another, making it even more likely to make comparisons as we are often together.  But think carefully before you make comparisons.  The dynamic between us, half rivalry and half rock solid loyalty, might generate a response that you don't want to hear!