Alone Time

So, throughout the length of my marriage - and even during the pre-marriage courtship - I have always had an abundance of alone time.  My husband and I have always been on different schedules, which has given us good quality time when we are together and given me plenty of much needed alone time to do my own thing and be "off" for lengths of time.

I am reclusive by nature.  I can be "on" for work, for family and for my husband.  But like everyone else, I need my me time.  In fact, it takes a lot for me to get lonely.

In the recent months, however, with my husband at home full time (and doing an excellent job at taking care of literally everything for me before I get home) I get almost no alone time.  Moreover, as I finish these last 6 weeks of grad school, even my personal downtime has been greatly consumed with preparing assignments.

Recent conversations with friends and my husband have pointed me into the direction of realizing I need to focus more on incorporating my own solitary version of fun back into my life.  I have recently started expanding my usual evening walks from about 3 miles to 5 miles, giving myself additional alone time.  Exercise for me has always been the ultimate way to indulge myself in personal time.

However, I am going to take that a step further as well.  Especially as I finish out the next 6 weeks of grad school, upon which I will find myself with a huge amount of free time such as I have not experienced in many years, I am committed to enjoying the independence that I am free to have.  To seek out the opportunities to do things by myself.

People, my husband included, find it weird when people go to movies by themselves, but I think that is great and I look forward to it.  Same with going to dinner alone; I look forward to treating myself to an evening out, alone.  This gives me the alone time that I crave, it gets me out, and then it improves the quality of time I spend with my husband and family after.

People find this all weird.  I know of couples who would find this very weird, or it would make them insecure, or people who just hate being by themselves.  But I thrive on this type of personal time, and after the obligations and committments that I have fulfilled over the last several years I look forward to giving myself some down time!


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